Cow’s urine according Authentic Indian scriptures

What are the Importance of Cow Urine described in Authentic Indian scriptures [Sushrut Sanhita, Charak Sanhita, Rajnighantu, Vriddha Vagbhatt, Amritsagar]

According to “Ashtang sangharah” of Charak Sanhita ch1 verse 100

“gavyam sumadhuram kinchid doshaghnam krumi kushthanut
kandunghana shamyet pitam samyak doshom vahe hitam”

Chapter 45 of Sushrut sanhita sutra section ( verse 217, 220 and 221) describes the qualities of cow urine as follows:

Cow urine is bitter, ( kashaila ), pungent, hot, easily digestible, strengthens brain, cures cough. It is destroyer of colic, stomach pain, constipation, itching pain, eczema, and mouth diseases. It destroys Vitiligo, Lecoderma, leprosy, basti rog . It cures eye diseases.

It cures Ameobiosis, dysentery, diarrhoea, all problems due to gas, cough, swelling, stomach diseases, is antibiotic, jaundice, spleen enlargement, ear diseases, asthma, constipation, anaemia are fully cured.

Bhav prakash sangrah(a popular Ayurvedic text): section purvakhanda chapter 19 verse 1-6also describes the qualities of cow urine as described by Charak: hot, pungent, salty, bitter, kshila , lavan anuras, appetiser, helps in growth of fine brain tissues, reduces mucous and air, increase bile. It cures stomach ache, gas problems, other stomach diseases, eczema, eye diseases, and all mouth diseases. It cures white spots, Leucoderma, Vitiligo and Leprosy. It cures cough, breathlessness, jaundice, anaemia, dysentry, joint pains. It kills all harmfull germs and bacteria.All disease get cured only by drinking cow urine. It is beneficial for Liver, Tilli , swelling, inflammation, stomach diseases, constipation and piles. If put in ear then it cures all ear diseases. It destroys urinary diseases, Increase in toxins, muscle disorders and many other diseases.

Other scripture, “Aryabhishak” meaning “Vaidya (Doctor) of Arya’s”, written in gurjar language describes cow urine as follows.

Cow urine is Tura , bitter, pungent, salty, hot, digestive, appetiser, laxative, increases bile, little sweet, helps motion, uproots faults in body. It cures cough, Leprosy, colic, stomach diseases, anaemia, Leucoderma, Vitiligo, pains, Arsha, eczema, asthma, digestive track toxins, fever, constipation, inflammation, mouth diseases, skin diseases, female diseases, dysentery and mutravrodha.

In his book “dravya gun shastra” , Acharya Sri Vapalal bhai vaidya describes that cow urine is slight sweet, killer of faults, germicidal, and destroys itching. It is very good for stomach diseases.

Persian text, “Ajayabulmakhalukat” describes treatment of various incurable diseases by cow urine.

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