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Desi Indian Cows’ Gau-Mutra and Gomaya (Cow dung) Are more valuable than Cow’s milk

Desi Indian Cows’ Gau-Mutra and Gomaya (Cow dung) is more valuable than Cow’s milk Vaishnavism gives the status of mother to Cow. Lord Shree Krishna loved the cows so much that he decided to reside in the heart of cow. When this happened all other thirty three crores of demigods decided simultaneously to reside in the divine body of the cow. Seeing Lord Vishnu residing in the body of the cow, Goddess Laxmi prayed to Cow to let her reside in her body. Gau mata replies that she hasn’t got a place left where Mother Laxmi could reside. But if you wish you can live in my dung; this is the reason that at the time of worship of Goddess Laxmi, the place is smeared with cow dung to purify. When Ganges saw that even Lord Shiva has also gone to reside in the cow’s body, she too begged her to […]

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Cow’s urine according Authentic Indian scriptures

What are the Importance of Cow Urine described in Authentic Indian scriptures [Sushrut Sanhita, Charak Sanhita, Rajnighantu, Vriddha Vagbhatt, Amritsagar] According to “Ashtang sangharah” of Charak Sanhita ch1 verse 100 “gavyam sumadhuram kinchid doshaghnam krumi kushthanut kandunghana shamyet pitam samyak doshom vahe hitam” Chapter 45 of Sushrut sanhita sutra section ( verse 217, 220 and 221) describes the qualities of cow urine as follows: Cow urine is bitter, ( kashaila ), pungent, hot, easily digestible, strengthens brain, cures cough. It is destroyer of colic, stomach pain, constipation, itching pain, eczema, and mouth diseases. It destroys Vitiligo, Lecoderma, leprosy, basti rog . It cures eye diseases. It cures Ameobiosis, dysentery, diarrhoea, all problems due to gas, cough, swelling, stomach diseases, is antibiotic, jaundice, spleen enlargement, ear diseases, asthma, constipation, anaemia are fully cured. Bhav prakash sangrah(a popular Ayurvedic text): section purvakhanda chapter 19 verse 1-6also describes the qualities of cow urine […]

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AYURVEDA EXPLAINS THE CAUSE OF DISEASES According to most ancient medical science disobedience of nature , Unnatural food habits and behaviour is the causes of diseases. Because these factors leads to Imbalance of three elements Air (Vat), Bile (Pitta), Mucous (kapha) in the body, the major and only cause of diseases. In todays mordern scenario mental diseases are more pronounced than physical ones. Cause of mental disease is tension or stress. vishad karoti iti vish. Stress gives rise to poison (toxin) in body. Result of poison in body is virus or infection. This virus is called vishanu (living entity of toxins) in Sanskrit. These cause cancer in human body. These triggers uncontrolled cell growth causing various types of cancer. When such poison and virus vishanu enter blood it is called blood cancer etc. In 99% of the cases, cancer is caused due to mental tension of various types. Even to […]

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