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Vaat Prakruti

Vata Prakruti Sky is inactive and Air is active. That’s why to understand the Vaat easily we need to understand five attributes of Air. Followings are five attributes of Air:- Motion Dryness Cold Infiltration Change   > Motion:- Air is moveable and Vaat is also Moveable. Any motion (Gati) in human body is because of Vaat. E.g. Breathing, Heart Beats, Movement of Hands and Legs, Speaking, Food Movement etc. But as you know uncontrolled air becomes windstorm same way uncontrolled air in body give birth of lots of diseases.  Motion related all diseased happened due to imbalanced Vaat. Like Joints Pain, Paralysis, Asthama, Parkinson etc… So you know why elders are saying that it’s very dangerous to sleep under very fast fan, ride two wheeler  without helmet and so on.   > Dryness:- Air is dry that’s why clothes to be dried in open air. Vaat mainly located in big […]

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Identifies Your Disease Before Doctors Diagnosis

Summary of This Article (Identifies Your Disease Before Doctors Diagnosis with TRIDOSHA) You will identify the upcoming diseases before 1-2 months to 5-6 years. Usually doctors diagnose any disease after occurring in the body. Modern doctors could not diagnose diseases without Blood Test, Urine Test, X-ray, Ultrasound, MRI etc…. But you will come to simple and easy method to know your disease and you no need to spend a single rupee. And this technique is so simple that you no need to take help from anyone and you will require less than 5 minutes. Doctor does not care about the root cause of your disease and they are only focusing on temporary solution of your disease. But you will come to know the root cause of your disease. That is the reason that doctors cure one disease and arise second and then third Pawn My Bitcoin. So you will be […]

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