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GoSeva Gomaya Aasana

Description of Gomaya Aasana: GoSeva Gomaya Aasana are made up from Cowdung of Indigenous Cow mother Purpose of GoSeva Gomaya Aasana: GoSeva Gomaya Aasana is not only used for sitting or for worshipping and meditation purposes, instead, it is one of the best aasana’s for Naturopathy treatment, which is very useful for us in its entirety nowadays. “Gomaya” means that the powder made up from our Indian Cow’s dung which reflects our Indian culture properly. What is the religious and Scientific significance : The study of Puranas shows that “Gaumaya Vaste Laxmi” means that Lakshmi resided in cow dung, people’s says….if Lakshmi mantra is chanted while sitting on gomaya aasana, then goddess Lakshmi blesses with her special grace, this mythological history has now been scientifically confirmed by which it has been found that such cow dung contains such There are many useful substances by which positive waves are generated, these […]

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Gir Cow whole milk powder

Gir cow whole milk powder is the best milk in the world What is Gir Cow Whole Milk Powder? Gir Cow milk is one of the most popular milk products in India, Malaysia, and Singapore. It’s made from cow’s milk by traditional methods. The milk is sourced from organic farmers who are committed to sustainable practices. The milk is processed at facilities that are certified by the ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System Standard to ensure that it’s safe for human consumption. Health Benefits of Gir Cow Whole Milk Powder Gir Cow Whole Milk Powder is perfect for mixing into any recipe that requires milk or cream. It can be used in hot or cold beverages, baking, and sauces. It has a light and creamy taste and is also available in whipping cream and sour cream flavors. -Why Choose Gir Cow Whole Milke Powder -It comes from only one source […]

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