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Millions of Dollars are spent annually on health care industry worldwide in today’s scenario, yet people are not finding remedy that can completely cure the disease they are suffering from. Medical approaches like allopath etc are known to cause several side effects that give rise to other health problems. However age old practice of Vedic medical science through Ayurveda that is holistic approach to treat diseases is ignored and forgotten unfortunately by Indians as well. The herbs used as medicines in Ayurveda often utilize   Go Panchgavya– Cow’s Urine, Dung, Milk, Ghee and Curd to season and prepare them. This altogether new application of herbs grown in complete organic natural conditions mixed with Panchgavya has given rise to new Gau-panchgavya science. GoSeva – GoKripa Products have been manufacturing such medicines since last 10 years and has got such a large positive feedback from its users that the company was inspired to establish […]

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