Mother Cow – Poison (Toxin) Destroyer


“Ja Ghar tulsi Aru gay, ta Ghar vaidya kabhu na jaye” meaning A house having Tulsi (sacred basil) plant and cow is never visited by a doctor.

It is said: Jivantu Avadghnayah ta me vishsya dushanih. Meaning let cows live without slaughter for their whole life they remove poison and toxins. In Ayurveda poisonous materials can be purified by cow urine only.

“go mutre tridinam sthapyay visham ten vishudhyati”

this sanskrit verse means that use of cow urine for three days cleanse poison.

The mercy of mother cow.

If by any chance some poisonous or harmful material enters cow’s food, she absorbs it in her flesh. She does not let it go into its urine, dung or milk or releases it in very small quantity. On the contrary when tested on other animals by feeding them with various items thier milk and urine were found to contain toxins and impurities. Therefore cow urine and dung is pure and removes toxins. Cow milk is certainly anti-toxin. Cow urine is one of the constituents of “panchgavya”. “Panchgavya” is said to be curer of all diseases. Panchagaveya or five cow products viz. milk, curd, ghee, urine and dung.

“Yatvagasthi gatam papam dehe tishthti mamke
prasnat panchgavyasya dahasagnirivendhnam”

From skin to bones, whatever sins (diseases) are in my body, are destroyed by panchagavya just as fire destroys the fuel.


Ayurveda, the most ancient medical science which is said to have emanated from the mouth of Barhama “Braham vakya janardanam”, is for welfare of everyone, states that Cow urine makes one disease free by prabhav (nature). “Acintya shakti iti prabhav” meaning: Inconceivable power is called “Prabhav”. Prabhav, the power which cannot be conceived and described.


“gavyam pavitram ca rasayanam ca pathyam ca hrdyam balam buddhi syata
Aayuh pradam rakt vikar hari tridosh hridrog vishapaham syata”

Meaning: Cow urine panchgavya is great elixir, proper diet, pleasing to heart, giver of mental and physical strength, enhances longevity. It removes all blood disorders. It balances bile, mucous and airs. Remover of heart diseases and effect of poison.


Taste : bitter, hot (as in chilly), sour, sweet and salty. Includes five tastes (rasas).

Properties : Pure, toxin destroyer, germicide, balances bile, mucous and air (kapha, vata, pitta), tantrik, enhances brain power. Even ifank alone it can destroy all diseases. All other qualities are described further.

Effect : destroyer of all diseases, It cures all bodily and mental illnesses. It is divine drink of yogi’s providing divine powers. Ganga always resides in cow urine. It is destroyer of all sins (diseases).

It is in mode of goodness. It brings goodness in thoughts. By drinking it regularly for six months, man’s nature comes in the mode of goodness. It destroys mode of passion and ignorance. It purges out toxins from the whole body through urine, sweating and excreta. It is destroyer of psychological diseases.

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