Miraculous Benefits Of Using Cow Urine In Multiple And Chronic Ailments

79 year old shri Gajodhar sharma suffered from High blood pressure and Asthma for 30 years for which he took allopathic medicines regularly. He even used to catch cold often. All these problems restricted him at one place and made his day to day activities difficult.

Taking allopathic drugs provided only the symptomatic and temporary relief. then he came across cow urine therapy as he read an article about it in a magazine named ‘Kalyaan’.

He started taking half spoon Alum powder in half cup of Desi cow’s urine. He felt the difference the first day itself. For the whole month he kept on taking this medicine without fall and with complete faith. After a month when he got checked by the doctor miraculously his lungs had been completely cured and the blood pressure too had become normal.

When interviewed personally, Mr. Gajodhar replied with tears in his eyes had he known earlier the transcendental and miraculous effect of ‘gomutra’, my wife would not have died due to enlargement of liver disease.

Now Shri Gajodhar has dedicated his life to make people aware about the divine qualities of cow’s urine in his local community.

Please click the link Scientific Evidence Glorification and Benefits of Cow Urine :


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