Desi Indian Cows’ Gau-Mutra and Gomaya (Cow dung) Are more valuable than Cow’s milk

Desi Indian Cows’ Gau-Mutra and Gomaya (Cow dung) is more valuable than Cow’s milk

Vaishnavism gives the status of mother to Cow. Lord Shree Krishna loved the cows so much that he decided to reside in the heart of cow. When this happened all other thirty three crores of demigods decided simultaneously to reside in the divine body of the cow.


Cow Dung and cow urine so important from Desi breed

Seeing Lord Vishnu residing in the body of the cow, Goddess Laxmi prayed to Cow to let her reside in her body. Gau mata replies that she hasn’t got a place left where Mother Laxmi could reside. But if you wish you can live in my dung; this is the reason that at the time of worship of Goddess Laxmi, the place is smeared with cow dung to purify. When Ganges saw that even Lord Shiva has also gone to reside in the cow’s body, she too begged her to let her live in her body. Gau-mata let her live in her Mutra. This is the very reason Cow’s urine is considered to pure that it is used to treat disease and almost all untreatable diseases.

Many people probably a million died in “Bhopal Gas Tragedy” but there was a township there where all the people were healthy, the reason being each and every house of the town ship was smeared with cow dung slurry and there were innumerable number of Tulsi plants growing. In ancient times people used to wash their feet and step on the door step smeared with cow dung slurry before entering the house which would kill all the germs and the house remained free of pathogens.

Today thousands of cows are slaughtered daily in the country especially those which cannot produce milk any more. Unfortunately many cow herd men and common people are selling such cows to the Slaughter house. Gau mutra and Gomaya is far more valuable than the Cow’s milk. 1lt of milk cast 30/- but filtered cow’s urine may cost anywhere between Rs 60/lt to Rs 150/lt. cow dung is the best fertilizer available. We use chemical fertilizer and compromise our own health and after getting disease we become dependent on Chemical drugs. This way the foreigners are earning both ways by selling us the chemical fertilizer and the drugs.
Under this policy the British opened many slaughter houses in the country and taught seemingly less literate other community that if they sold cow’s meat they could earn big money. These communities do not know themselves that the amount of money they could earn by selling Cow’s Urine and Cow’s dung is compared to be nowhere near what they earn by selling the Beef.

Similarly the Hindus are also ignorant of the fact that the cow which cannot give milk can earn him a living if he just sells its valuable urine and dung. The country today lacks not the employment but the proper thought planning.

If the cow’s are reared then the process of filtration of its urine is quite simple and by selling this filtered cow’s urine quite a good sum can be earned by selling it in the open market. The urine is bought by the companies which make drugs and medicine that manufacture them.

The fertilizer made from cow dung can be sold at good price and this way we can contribute a little in making of healthy India.
The house that has cow cannot have any kind of Vaastu Dosha and will prosper in every condition. This way cow rearing is one method with which employment, religion, country and society can be maintained and made self reliant. If one cannot rear the cow then at least he should mentally or economically support a person who is making an effort to maintain and conserve the cow.

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