Panchagavya Camp Successfully Completed – an another step towards Cow Protection Movement

Completed Panchagavya Academy Batch#1 [Camp 1]

GOSEVA-Vadic Academy Panchagavya Education -Vape

GOSEVA-Vadic Academy Panchagavya Education -Vape

The first camp of first batch of PanchGavya Academy was successfully completed on july 7th , 2015 at 7.00 PM (@Hingolgadh – Jasdan) . The academy is overjoyed to entertain students from various states and background. The over whelming response in such a huge number was least expected. The camp was conducted in the direct vigilance of King of Jasdan Shri SatyajitKumar S. Khachar, who attended the classes with the students and guided them and helped them to understand the basics of Go Raksha, Go-shala maintain ace and self reliant features of go-shala with his wide vision and experience.

Academy Ashram @ Hingolgadh Heritage - Jasdan

Vedic Academy Panchagavya Education Ashram @ Hingolgadh Heritage – Jasdan

This venture was conceived with the sole aim of cow protection and conservation in Saurashtra region. The Academy is proud to announce that it was attended by many enthusiastic Go-Palaks( Cow herders) business men, farmers, PhD Doctors, scholars and medical practitioners and experts. nadi-chikitsa

The subject matter of the course of this first camp was to introduce Vedic life style and importance of Gau mata, Panch gavya and Panch Gavya products. The principles of Ayurveda and gau-Panchgavya as remedial medication were also discussed in details with experts. Relation of farming and cow rearing was widely inquired and discussed during the camp. The best part was relishing of home cooked food which was grown by volunteers of the academy as a part of self less service to Gau-Mata’s conservation.


Moments with Mother Cow


GoSeva Family in Opangrazing Land with Mother Cow at Jasdan

Bigger Family with a common aim of GoSeva – Cow Protection

The experts at the academy enlightened the students and emphasized on the need of pasture feeding of the cows for improvement in milk production along with health of the cows. They suggested many long researched methods to implement this suggestion to precise. The students and the teachers and participants, in the last vowed put their energy, life and resources in protecting and conserving the Go-mata for not just their own benefit but for the benefit of the humanity. – Jai Bharat – Jai Gau Mata – Jai Sri Krishna

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