The Curative Powers Of Organic Food


The five elements called “Pancha Boothas” viz; earth, water, fire, air and space constitute the “NATURE”, the mother of all worlds and living and non-living things. Since our body is made of these five elements, it is nourished, rejuvenated and cured of diseasesnd made healthynby the foods grown by Panch boothas only.

So, there is no food, no life, and no cure without these five elements. If furniture is made of wood, it is repaired with wood only.

Five Elements Nature

Five Elements Nature

All natural, organic foods grown with the aid of the above pancha boothas without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides are capable of curing all diseases. That is why our ancient rishis called food as “Annam Brahmam”. i.e. food is god.

Food creates life. So it is Lord Brahma. It sustains and prolongs life, so it is Lord Vishnu. It eliminates Toxins and other wastes from the body, so it is Lord Shiva. Food is three in one and all gods combined and it is all-powerful with potential to cure all diseases. So there is no doubt about the curing powers of organic food.

Organic foods are grown naturally with the aid of natural inputs. So they are rich in fibers, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients. Their keeping quality, taste, flavour are excellent.

There is another aspect, which is not known widely. It is the cosmic energy or the pranic energy or life energy of the organic food, which is sathvic in nature and more potent in curing diseases and promoting a peaceful and healthy life.

When the organic foods are taken without cooking in the raw natural form, it is more effective in curing all diseases and increases longevity. For example the tribal in the forests where food is mostly taken raw lead a healthy, disease free long life. That is why naturopathy uses raw green leaves, herbs, vegetables and fruits in natural form or as juices to restore health and cure diseases. They use all the five elements of nature in their treatment. They use earth for mud bath and mud packing to treat skin and joint disease. They use water for footbath, hipbath and spinal bath and enema, to treat all neurological disease, and piles and constipation. They use fire in the form of sunbath using green banana leaves to cover the entire body. It effects profuse sweating to keep the skin healthy and the body toxin free. They use air in the form of yoga, pranayama and breathing exercises to cure diseases of lungs and nerves.

Finally they use space in the form of fasting for short periods to create space in the stomach and intestine. To give rest to the digestive system, to eliminate the wastes in the body, to reduce the unwanted fat and weight of the body. To promote the health of the body and peace of mind. During fasting period they use tender coconut water, herbal leaf juices and fruit juices.

From the above examples it is proven that the pancha bootha body can be kept in a healthy and disease free state with the aid of pancha boothas (five elements) above. Our ancient seers use this secret as kayakalpa or rejuvenation treatment to promote longevity of life.


How Organic Foods cure disease:

As we have already seen, organic foods are rich in nutrients and other vital elements. When you take organic food in the raw form or with minimum cooking or cooking in mud pots using firewood, its nutrients are preserved with minimum loss.

All organic foods without spices and oils are alkaline in nature. All the inorganic foods and non-vegetarian foods with more spices and more cooking are acidic in nature. Since the organic alkaline foods are “sathvic” in nature and spirit, leading to long life. The unnatural acidic foods are rajasic and tamasic in nature, creating disturbances in the body, mind and spirit leading to diseases and short life span.

Organic foods are easy to digest and assimilate and create fewer wastes within intestines. Since the fiber content in the organic food is more, it eliminates constipation. Since constipation is the mother of all diseases, by preventing constipation most of the diseases are prevented at their initial stages itself.

Organic food is capable of treating chronic diseases like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, coronary artery diseases of the heart, bronchid asthma, chronic headache, cancer, peptic ulcer, osteo arthritis of joints, irritable bowel syndrome, piles, back pain, insomnia, renal failure, obesity, skin diseases, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis and Anemia.

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