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The Curative Powers Of Organic Food

  The five elements called “Pancha Boothas” viz; earth, water, fire, air and space constitute the “NATURE”, the mother of all worlds and living and non-living things. Since our body is made of these five elements, it is nourished, rejuvenated and cured of diseasesnd made healthynby the foods grown by Panch boothas only. So, there is no food, no life, and no cure without these five elements. If furniture is made of wood, it is repaired with wood only. All natural, organic foods grown with the aid of the above pancha boothas without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides are capable of curing all diseases. That is why our ancient rishis called food as “Annam Brahmam”. i.e. food is god. Food creates life. So it is Lord Brahma. It sustains and prolongs life, so it is Lord Vishnu. It eliminates Toxins and other wastes from the body, so it is Lord […]

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