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Home Remedies Of Gau Mutra On Common Disease

Gua Mutra contains carbolic acid which is antigermicidal in action. This is why it purifies and has cleansing action. This is the reason that ancient Vedic scriptures consider Gau Mutra as pure. Modern scientific techniques have proved the presence of phosphates, nitrogen, urea, uric acid, potassium and sodium in it. During lactation period of cow it also contains lactose which has the capacity to improve heart and mental ailments.     The cow whose Gau Mutra is to be consumed should be young and healthy. It should be fed essentially on natural grass that grows in pastures and highlands. One must filter it through thin, clean muslin cloth before consuming it empty stomach, early in the morning. One should not eat anything for one hour after taking it. Children who are still on mother’s feed if given Gau Mutra then their mother’s should also consume it. Taking in of Gau […]

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Defining Arthritis Aamvaat Cause And Symptoms

Defining Arthritis-Aamvaat-Cause And Symptoms Across the world Rheumatoid arthritis is a common ailment which people suffer from. It is a chronic disease of joints which though may be infected in early age during one’s life, shows its symptoms much later. Generally the women are prone to arthritis as compared to men. Aamvaat or rheumatoid arthritis is a debilitating autoimmune disorder of joints which makes a person almost incapable and dependent in advanced stages. Researches claim that the membrane covering at articulation of joints called the synovium is deeply affected by the attack of these auto immune cells resulting in this incurable condition. Although up till date no medical cure of the disease has been discovered, there exist some nice ayuvedic techniques with which a person can live quite normal life despite the disease.   Types of Arthirits There exist hundreds of types of Arthirits’ which may be Aticular or extra-Articular […]

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