Home Remedies Of Gau Mutra On Common Disease

Gua Mutra contains carbolic acid which is antigermicidal in action. This is why it purifies and has cleansing action. This is the reason that ancient Vedic scriptures consider Gau Mutra as pure. Modern scientific techniques have proved the presence of phosphates, nitrogen, urea, uric acid, potassium and sodium in it. During lactation period of cow it also contains lactose which has the capacity to improve heart and mental ailments.


How useful Gau Mutra to cure health at home



The cow whose Gau Mutra is to be consumed should be young and healthy. It should be fed essentially on natural grass that grows in pastures and highlands. One must filter it through thin, clean muslin cloth before consuming it empty stomach, early in the morning. One should not eat anything for one hour after taking it. Children who are still on mother’s feed if given Gau Mutra then their mother’s should also consume it. Taking in of Gau Mutra by women during menstruation gives them strength and peace. A young person can increase consumption of cow urine at a time under guidence of any ayurvedacharya or panchgavya chikitsak.

1) Patient of constipation should be given cow urine that has been filtered many times.
2) Patients of jaundice, inflammation and chronic fever will be cured miraculously if they take cow urine mixed with extract of Chirhita (Achyrethes)
3) Bronchitis, cough and cold can be effectively cured by taking cow urine in prescribed amount.
4) Hepatitis is cured if one takes Gau Mutra in early morning for a month.
5) Children of Whooping cough should be given Gau Mutra mixed with turmeric.
6) All types of stomach ailment can be successfully cured by consuming cow Urine.
7) Patients of jalodar can simply be cure by taking Desi cow’s milk and in taking Desi Cow’s urine mixed with honey.
8) Any kind of inflammation in body can be cured by drinking cow’s milk and urine.
9) To cure any ailment of stomach one should take Gau Mutra mixed with equal quatities of salt and sugar.
10) In case of eye flu and eye irritation, lethargy, constipation one can take Gau Mutra mixed with sugar.
11) Women health improves dramatically if she takes Gau Mutra after child birth.
12) Patients of leucoderma have shown miraculous improvement by applying Gau Mutra mixed with herbs on affected area.
13) Mixing the powder of fenugreek seeds in desi cow urine and massaging it on body before taking bath cure various kinds of skin diseases.
14) Gold,loh vatsnabh, kuchla bhasma can be purified in Gau Mutra to prepare various medicines.
15) It detoxifies various posinous substances. It is also used to purify shilajeet.
16) Filariasis can be cured by taking Gau Mutra of desi cow breed empty stomach in the morning.
17) Acidity of stomach and urine infections can be cured successfully by taking cow urine.
18) Hair will become shiny if one washes it with water mixed with cow urine.
19) Patients of leprosy are to known to show improvement if they take cow urine mixed with jiggery and turmeric powder.
20) Drinking gaumutra with castor oil improves arthritis and other vaat doshs in children.
21) Emaciated kids should be given Gau Mutra with Saffron two time a day.
22) Regular intake of cow urine removes lethargy, improves appetite and cures blood pressure.
23) In case of Tuberculosis, smelling Gau Mutra (cow urine) and Gomaya (cow Dung) kills the germs of TB.
24) Applying a paste of crushed leaves of poppy plant and mixed with cow urine and successfully cure ring worm.
25) In case of hair loss during Typhoid, if one applies a paste of tambhaku prepared in Gau Mutra can restore hair growth.


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