Defining Arthritis Aamvaat Cause And Symptoms

Defining Arthritis-Aamvaat-Cause And Symptoms

Across the world Rheumatoid arthritis is a common ailment which people suffer from. It is a chronic disease of joints which though may be infected in early age during one’s life, shows its symptoms much later. Generally the women are prone to arthritis as compared to men.

Aamvaat or rheumatoid arthritis is a debilitating autoimmune disorder of joints which makes a person almost incapable and dependent in advanced stages. Researches claim that the membrane covering at articulation of joints called the synovium is deeply affected by the attack of these auto immune cells resulting in this incurable condition.

Although up till date no medical cure of the disease has been discovered, there exist some nice ayuvedic techniques with which a person can live quite normal life despite the disease.


  • Types of Arthirits

There exist hundreds of types of Arthirits’ which may be Aticular or extra-Articular in nature.

For example

Type of extra Articular arthritis Body organ affected
Pulmonary Lungs
Renal Kidneys
Cardiovascular Heart
Dermatological Nodules present under the skin at elbow and knee joint.

Arthritis remedies ayurveda

  • Causes Of Arthritis

As it is a auto immune disorder whose exact cause is yet to be known’ yet some risk factors or triggers have been identified which cause the onset of the disease. These can be summarized as follows-

Genetic propensity

Infection by bacteria or virus

Smoking and alcoholism

Cause of Arthritis described in Ayurveda is circulation of aama which is formed due to improper digestion within the joints causes Aamvaat or arthritis. The aama is formed in the body due to-

Emotional disturbances

Excessive masturbation or sex

Exhaustion for long periods of time


  • Symptoms Of Arthritis

Symmetric pain in the elbow, knee, phalange, carpel or wrist joints

The pain is more acute in the morning and subsides later during the day.

Acute pain may be accompanied with high or low grade fever.

Loss of sensation in the joints.

Muscular weakness at the particular joint.

Mostly this disorder results in complications like deformity in joints or formations of lumps called as Rheumatoid nodules which are both inflammatory and painful. In later stages this disease doesn’t remain confined to the joints only but get manifested in other body parts too such as

Lungs-fibrosis may be caused

Heart and Vascular system- pericarditis, endocarditis, vulvitis, fibrosis or failure of left ventricle of heart.


  • Prevention Of Arthritis

Though incurable, Arthritis can be controlled by following the below mentioned precaution by a health conscious individual-

Regular exercises of joints help to keep their articulation normal. Sedentary life style on the other hand increases the levels of aama in the blood.

Weight control by prone people reduces the risk of dependency on others.

Diet is very important factor as far as ayurvedic treatment is concerned only easily digestible and light diet is advisable according to the seasons and opposite foods should be avoided.

Heat and cold therapy- High temperature increases the blood flow thereby increases the articulation of fixed joints.

  • Treatment Of Aamvaat (ARTHRITIS) in Ayurveda

The best medicine prescribed in Ayurveda is yograj gugulu. it is a concoction of 24 major herbs that has the capacity to control the aamvat and reduced the vaat doshas.

Application of Anagmardanam tailam containing yograj guguglu, cow ghee and cow urine or distilled cow urine on the affected area provides long and quick relief.

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