The last description gave details of how modern toothpaste are dangerously harmful not only; to our teeth but to the general health as well. Let’s take a look at the ancient methods of maintain dental health and its benefits in today’s era too if followed sincerely. In olden days people used DAATUN (TWIGS OF NEEM, BABUL, KARONJI TREES) to brush teeth. Yes, to brush the teeth, if that surprises you a bit. The teeth of this generation people remained healthy, cavity free and perfect even at a ripe of 70 years. These people could eat sugarcane without having difficulty while peeling it with their teeth.

Neem Datun - a desi harmless toothbrush

Neem Datun – a desi harmless toothbrush

DAATUN was an excellent toothbrush which could be disposed off after each use and what more; being natural; it was biodegradable and thus safe for environment unlike the modern toothpaste which contains non biodegradable chemicals that pollutes the environment. Tooth paste requires the use of toothbrush again made of plastic bristles.

The sticky and sweet ingredients of toothpaste supports bacterial growth in the brush itself which if used without proper cleaning definitely harms the teeth instead of cleaning them. The toothbrush thus has to be replaced every 15 days which puts unnecessary expanses to ones pocket. In urban areas where DAATUN was not available tooth powder containing various natural herbs were used which were both beneficial to health and environment.

Due to increased instances of bad dental health all over the world because of the use of toothpastes, the demand of natural toothpowder is going high. The concept of HOLISTIC DENTISTRY is fast becoming common in many western countries. All these developments are taking place because people have become aware of harmful effects of toothpastes and the selfish money making aim of multinationals that are least bothered about peoples’ health.



Modern research has proven the fact that presence of compounds like `carbolic acid’ imparts antibacterial properties to tooth powder made form cow dung ash. A holistic and natural toothpowder containing cow dung ash with certain herbs not only helps to keep the bacteria away, on the contrary makes your gums strong and healthy as well. These herbs have pleasant aroma and taste which are appreciated by kids as well and what more they perfectly environmental friendly. By using this ayurvedic and harm-free tooth powder, one not only supports cow protection but also saves himself form dangerous, carcinogenic toothpastes of modern age.

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