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Mother Cow – Poison (Toxin) Destroyer

ANTITOXIC EFFETS OF COW’S URINE “Ja Ghar tulsi Aru gay, ta Ghar vaidya kabhu na jaye” meaning A house having Tulsi (sacred basil) plant and cow is never visited by a doctor. It is said: Jivantu Avadghnayah ta me vishsya dushanih. Meaning let cows live without slaughter for their whole life they remove poison and toxins. In Ayurveda poisonous materials can be purified by cow urine only. “go mutre tridinam sthapyay visham ten vishudhyati” this sanskrit verse means that use of cow urine for three days cleanse poison. The mercy of mother cow. If by any chance some poisonous or harmful material enters cow’s food, she absorbs it in her flesh. She does not let it go into its urine, dung or milk or releases it in very small quantity. On the contrary when tested on other animals by feeding them with various items thier milk and urine were found […]

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