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Gomaye Vasate Lakshmi
 (गोमय वसते लक्ष्मी) –
The ancient Rishis knew the universal truth that Goddess laxmi resides in Gomay ( cow dung and Cow Urine) irrespective of community or area or time. If analyzed deeply in terms of modern economy the five products of cow (milk – दूध, curd – दही, butter/ghee – मक्ख्न/घी, cow dung – गोबर and cow urine – गोमूत्र) — the PANCHGAVYA (पञ्चगव्य), possess excellent quality of nourishment and purification of five basic elements of cosmos (earth, water, fire, air and space/ether).
While her milk, curd, butter churned from curd (दही का मक्ख्न, not the modern day butter we get in market), ghee and whey (छाछ) are most meritorious and energetic nourishment for us, the dung and urine are best nutrients to keep the land live, fertile and healthy.
discount 20% on world yoga day by

discount 20% on world yoga day by

With the International  Yoga Day coming up and keeping with our dedication to save and serve the holy cows, Go Kripa Products has come up with the offer of a flat 20% discount on all Panchgavya products (both newly launched as well as existing ones alike). The well proven quality and reliable packing long with prompt delivery has made us earn a position of respect with the blessings of Go-Mata and Gopal. We most humbly request you all to use as well as distribute these nectarine panchgavya products and help to restore environmental and individual health simultaneously. Being a Gau-Bhakta you realize the need to conserve and manage our valuable indigenous breeds of cows who are the source of all prosperity, health and good fortune. This is the best time to serve our Holy Gau Mata by spending Laxmi for using these chemical free Cosmetics Spotify Plays and Medicinal products for the benefit of both human health and the environment. For your benefit please explore the wide range of products now available exclusively for you at lower rates never offered before.

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*This special World Yoga Day Offer Valid from: 21st, June., 2016 to 27th June.2016
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*Note : All online orders  will be dispatch after 30th June., 2016
*Terms and conditions applied
Serve Cow To Save Yourself !

–          Jai Gau Mata