Gruth- Types and medicinal impacts on human aliments

Ghee and its efficacy in treating various incurable diseases

While using Desi cows Ghee (Ghruta) for medicinal purposes in Ayurvedic principles it is instructed that only old ghee that has been stored for about six months has to be used. Such a clarified butter is quite beneficial in diseases like depression, anxiety, eyes and ear disorders as well as on uterus in women. Laboratory experiments have proven that such a ghee can effectively treat wounds caused by ulcers and wounds of diabetic person.


The gavya produced by Indian cows are pure and medicinal products. They impart strength to heart and brain and improve memory as well as intelligence. The increase the life span, detoxify the blood of toxic chemicals and balances the three doshas namely vaat, pitta,kapha. They have the capability to cure any disease and remove the three doshas.

Curing Mental disorders with Ghruta (effect of Ghee/ clarified butter on mental illness)

From times immemorial ghee in Vedic system is known to improve once memory, intelligence and eye sight. That is why Indian cuisine uses Ghee as one of the essential ingredients.

Today scientific research across the globe confirms that Ghee of Desi cow’s milk has omega3 fatty acids good for maintenance of healthy heart. Ghee is best suited for improving intelligence, curing insanity, increasing sexual power, good eyesight, and good voice, those suffering from injury to chest, emaciation, Visarpa, tuberculosis and fever

A lean emaciated and spastic person when made to undergo Snehana (treating the patient with ghee by external and internal application) shows dramatic improvement in his physical health, intelligence and helped to restore his mental balance to quite an extent.

Some medicated Ghees and their application

  • Gudchi ghrita, Triplala Ghrita, Vasa Ghrita are beneficial in chronic fever.
  • Panchakola Ghrita, Nagara Ghrita, Chitraka Ghrita are used in the treatment of udara roga (abdominal disorder), vatavistambha, gulma and piles.
  • Ghee processed with bitter herbs like –Kadunimb, Kutaki, Daruharidra, Chandan, Kaduindravan, Lucoric, Bahava etc. is called ‘Mahatiktak ghrita‘ and it is an excellent remedy for skin diseases, Hyperacidity etc.

Skin care with Shata Dhout Ghrita (natural way to healthy skin)

Shatadhout Ghrita is prepared from organic ghee (made from cow milk) by washing it repeatedly 100 times using specific method prescribed in Ayurveda. This process transforms the ghee into a soft, cooling, nourishing, silky cream.

It is an excellent Astringent, Moisturizer, Anti-wrinkle & Cleansing cream. It can be used as a daily as natural moisturizer on the face (or whole body) or for facial massage. It also, has calming effect on reddish or burned skin, and on eczema affected and rosaceous skin. Use of Shata Dhout Ghrita is the best natural remedy for diseased skin. Application of this ghrut on daily basis will result in fair and glowing skin in natural way.


Desi Cow Ghee Qualities

Who should not consume ghee? (Demerits of Consuming of Ghee)

  • Ayurvedic principles lay great stress of right lifestyle rather than medical treatment of any kinds. People whose activities are not according to Desh (place of living), Kaal(time) and ethnicity(moral conduct) should not take to Ghee therapy.
  • People with enhanced kapha dosha , Medha dosha(obese) should not be treated with medicated ghee.
  • People with tonsillitis problem should not consuming ghee in excess.
  • People addicted to alcohol or other habit forming substances should never take ghee as it may result in adverse effect.


Benefits of Cow Ghee

Cow Ghee Provides Physical and Spiritual Health



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