Dhanyavad – Banglore for Kind Response at Nadi Parikshan Camp

Go-Chiktsa Seminar and Naadi Parikshan Camp; Bangluru.


Naadi Parikshan Camp commenced at Bangluru by Vedic Academy for Panchgavya Education an
initiative by Go-Kripa Products – Jasdan is another feather in its cap, in its step by step journey to serve

Gau-Mata by creating public awareness about Gau –Chiktsa and Panchgavya medicine by conducting

series of camp throughout the nation.

The camp was conducted for four days from 18th September to 21st September at Bangalore in
collaboration with several Gau lovers and Gau-Bhakta who have dedicated their lives to serve and
conserve the Indian ‘Desi’ breeds of cows.

The overwhelming response and cooperation by the local residents have not only encouraged us in our
mission but has doubled our courage to pursue our efforts on a larger scale nationally and with Krishna
willing Internationally too.
The best part of the venture was the enthusiasm of the enrolled students who ardently learned the
techniques and methods of Naadi Parikshan, the age old practice of diagnoses of various ailments of
We at Go- Seva – Jasdan extend our heartfelt gratitude and a big thank you to all the participants and

Gau-Bhakta without whose collaboration this mission would not have become successful.

We pray to Gau-Mata to shower her blessings on Gau-Bhaktas and on us too to make our service a successful one.


Photo Gallary Nadi Parikshan camp Banglore

Photo Gallary Nadi Parikshan camp Banglore

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Special Thanks to our Inspiration DS Satyajitkumar S Khachar (Jasdan State Saheb Sri), Banglore organizers team and All Gau Bhata.

Jay Go-mata! Jay Gopal!

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