Description Of Cows Milk In Mahabharat

Description Of Cow’s Milk In Mahabharat And Other Ancient Texts

Description of Panchgavya and cow protection is widely described in Mahabharata. This shows that the knowledge of medical and agricultural usage of cow product was revealed to the people of that age too.

According to Ayurveda milk of white cows are beneficial in liver ailments, milk of brown cow has huge effect on all types of Vaat Rogas whereas the milk of black cow can be used to treat respiratory diseases and lung ailments. A black cow whose udders are also black produces milk of infinite medicinal qualities and therefore can be utilized for treating vast spectrum of physical and mental disorders.

According to Atharva Veda (1/22/1) the Panchgavya produced by red cow is a miraculous remedy for treating heart and liver diseases.

The ancient Indian texts also describes that the spinal cord of Desi cows posses SURYAKETU NADI which directly converts the absorbed sun rays into gold salts which acts as a potent antitoxin.

Charak Samhita describes cow’s milk to be tasty, soft, lubricant, mild, gentle, heavy, thick, that which accepts the external effects non readily and which brings happiness to mind and soul.

Sushruth Samhita describes cow’s milk as gentle, sweet digestive, invigorating, pure, vatanashak, and tasty.


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