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Description Of Cows Milk In Mahabharat

Description Of Cow’s Milk In Mahabharat And Other Ancient Texts Description of Panchgavya and cow protection is widely described in Mahabharata. This shows that the knowledge of medical and agricultural usage of cow product was revealed to the people of that age too. According to Ayurveda milk of white cows are beneficial in liver ailments, milk of brown cow has huge effect on all types of Vaat Rogas whereas the milk of black cow can be used to treat respiratory diseases and lung ailments. A black cow whose udders are also black produces milk of infinite medicinal qualities and therefore can be utilized for treating vast spectrum of physical and mental disorders. According to Atharva Veda (1/22/1) the Panchgavya produced by red cow is a miraculous remedy for treating heart and liver diseases. The ancient Indian texts also describes that the spinal cord of Desi cows posses SURYAKETU NADI which […]

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Cows in Vedic Tradition – Reasons to Worship Mother Cow

According to my understanding Hindus worship cows because they were our livelihood. If this were the case, then we would have other’s worshiping the horse, others worshiping the goat, others worshiping their jewellery, etc., according to their livelihood. The worship of the cow goes much deeper than the economic development we receive from her. Do the scriptures tell us to worship our mother, father and guru simply because they feed us? Or is there a higher purpose behind it? Within the body of the cow reside all 33 crore devatas. Respect to the cow is respect to God, for where ever there is the cow, Lord Vishnu also resides. This is the scriptural statement. We should not lower our motives to the respect for money or livelihood. The Gita (8.6) tells us that the realized soul sees gold and stones equally, having no attachment for either: jnana-vijnana-triptatma kuta-stho vijitendriyah yukta […]

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