How to Cure Depression?

Vishaad is the name for Depression in Ayurveda.

The causes of Depression (Vishaad) in Ayurveda

Ayurveda explains two important causes of depression-

The Vaat Dosha.

The Pitta Dosha.

During depression, the nervous activity gets disturbed, something that is attributed to vata dosha involvement. Following that, certain enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters function in an impaired manner.

Some causes are also attributed to pitta dosha involvement. These two conditions play their role within the brain and subsequent to that the affected person reflects this disturbance in his or her behavior.

However kapha dosha involvement exhibits symptoms in the external form of dullness on face and a torpid appearance.

  • Symptoms of Depression
Continuous feeling of sadness and blankness.

Lack of self confidence and continuous feeling of guilty conscious.

Pessimistic approach towards life.

Sleep disturbances.

Reduced social life.

Persistent fatigue.


Stomach troubles.

Weight loss, loss of appetite, weight gain etc.


Diet Control For Depression

Though diet control is not always beneficial, diet control can help to allay the depression.

One should strictly adhere to light and easily digestible meal.

Oily, spicy and hot foods should be avoided.

Meat and milk products should be restricted.

One must include vitamin c in the form of Aamla, lemon, oranges in one’s diet.


Therapy and treatments of Depression

Ayurveda recommends following therapies to cure depression

  • Abhyang
  • Shirodhaara
  • Yoga

ABHIYANGA is term used for oil massage. Aromatic oils when massaged skillfully help to relieve stress and fatigue to a large extent.

Meditation and yoga being parts of Ayurveda strongly help one to overcome the depression.


This comes under “third eye” treatment. Ayurveda believes this is the location for “shringataka marma” (the vital point on forehead). This locates exactly at center of two eyebrows and slightly upwards in direction. The area it covers is the center part of the forehead. In this, the person is made to lie down in supine position on a table, which is called droni.

Hanging at a height of about 50 cms, there is this special vessel called shirodhara droni. A wick is passed through the orifice that this shirodhara droni has and it hangs out of the pot targeting the perfect brook of the material inside. As per the disease and diseased, there are plenty of medications available like oil (taila dhara), medicated buttermilk (takra dhara) and so on that are used.

After pouring the decided drug, the pot is stroked a little that it starts swinging like pendulum. The dripping of liquid material is allowed on the forehead of the patient in such a way that it falls in equal quantity and everywhere on forehead restricting eyes and ears. So one has to cover eyes with cloth and can put gauze piece in the ears carefully.


  • Medications to cure Depression
Ayurveda has plenty of herbs that work on the nervous system and calm down the brain. These include single herb extract like Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), vachaa (Acorus calamus), Mandook parni (Centella asiatica) and Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia). Apart from these there are plenty of patent medicines available in the Indian Ayurvedic market.
-Treating Depression with Desi Ghee of cow
Pure desi ghee of indigenous breed of cows if warmed and poured drop wise in nasal passage is seen to be an effective medication in Vishaad as it gets quickly get absorbed in brain to bring quick relief. Some of the classical formulae regulate the affected Dosha involved in depression (maanasik roga). These include Ghrita preparation (the ghee – butter oil preparation with Ayurvedic herbs), to name them… Saarasvat Ghrita, Brahmi Ghrita and Kalyanaka Ghrita. Sarasvatarishta and Ashwagandharishtam are the fermented Ayurvedic formulae used for the same.

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