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What is TB ? How to Cure Tuberculosis ?

Tuberculosis -Introduction

In Ayurveda it is called Rajyakshma, the king of disease. The disease derives its name from Indian mythology- Moon, the king among the satellites of the earth, was supposed to have been afflicted because of a curse of Brahma, the creator.

Causes of Tuberculosis

The bacterium named Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the causative agent TB, which mainly affects the lungs through droplet infection.


In the early stages of the disease, there is an irritating cough, particularly in the morning, either without an expectoration or with a clear mucus or phlegm.

The first sign of the disease is blood-flecked phlegm accompanied by fever in the evenings and below normal temperatures in the early morning and also night sweats.

When the symptoms are aggravated and emaciation has set in, the second stage is supposed to have been reached.

If extreme care is not taken and treatment is not done it may spread to the throat and the intestines

The terminal stage is characterized with illness reaching deep into the lungs and they become full of cavities. The voice of the patient may become husky at this stage, there may be diahorrea and extreme prostration, with the patient being unable to leave the bed and finally. The death comes because of extensive haemorrhage.

Types Of TB (Tuberculosis)

Tuberculous osteomyletis– effect the skeleton.

Tuberculous salpingitis – effects genital tract.

CNS Tuberculosis – effects brain and nervous tissue.

Gastrointestinal Tuberculosis – effects the GIT tract.

Renal tuberculosis – effects kidney and Urinary tract.

Scrofula or Tuberculous lymphadenitis – effects the lymph nodes especially of lower jaw.

Treatment And Preventive Measures

Treatment of tuberculosis has two faces:
(1) preventive, and
(2) curative or remedial.

The preventive aspect is more social than medical. Provision of clean, healthy surroundings with properly ventilated and clean houses is the first imperative.

Detection and isolation of the victims of the disease is the second most important thing that can be done.

Diet Control

Thirdly, the diet is of primary importance. Plenty of milk, butter, black gram eggs, ground of the various varieties, turnips, beet root, spinach and other green vegetables, fruits, etc. are the other preventives. As has been stated earlier, it is a disease of filth and poverty.

The treatment of a case of tuberculosis must start with the isolation of the patient and his removal to a sanitorium if the disease has been detected at a secondary stage. If that is not possible, he should be housed in an airy room where there is enough sunlight.

Popular Drugs (Medicine)

Ayurveda recommends Vasa (adhatoda vasica) for tuberculosis. One ounce of the juice from the leaves of the drug given thrice in the day with honey provides relief.

Naradiya Mahalakshami Vilasa Rasa which contains traces of gold should be administered in three doses of 200 mg each in the day.


Distilled Cow Urine– Gomutra is a wonderful remedy of Rajyakshma and when administered with full diet control is quick in producing effective response without any side effects.

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