The Cow Culture & Dilemma Of Indians

Cows in Indian culture have been revered, protected and conserved. Our ancestors to make this culture remain preserved by future generations linked it with Dharmic activities or religious rituals like offering the milk to the diety of Shiva on the day of Shiva Ratri. There is a scientific fact hidden behind these rituals which are unfortunately lost to the modern generation due to the lack of knowledge.

Ancient Secret of Mother Cow

Ancient Secret of Mother Cow

Milk is divine nectar produced by cows to help nourish and maintain the health of human beings. Not only milk of cows, even the urine, dung help to cure various ailment of human body, generally thought to be incurable by medical professionals. The bulls of desi cows with sturdy physic and strength had been used by Indian farmers to plough the fields. Thus in earlier times, the economy of India which circumambulated around the cow conservation helped to make the Indian farmer self reliant, unlike the modern day farmers whose pathetic condition is forcing him to live a life of utter poverty and distress. Many cases of suicide by farmers are no doubt the result of the heinous crime of cow slaughtering done by those, to meet their selfish motives and unethical culture.

Jai Gau Mata - Serve Cow To Save Yourself

Jai Gau Mata – Jai Sri Krishna

The blessings of elders given to the young also show the reverence and regard shown towards the cows as the possession of cows have always brought prosperity, health and happiness in peoples’ lives. But the modern day anti-cow conservationist thought-wave is making it literary impossible for the society to love and protect their cows.

Average Indian easily believe on advertisement of rich MNC which boast of proving milk protein toiletries to enhance body beauty and skin health and spends lavishly on such products forgetting the fact that if he simply takes bath with milk his skin will not only remain healthy but also glow with the rich constituents present in it.

The times when India was referred to as golden bird, was the time when there was no dearth of milk and milk products and the cows roamed without fear of getting slaughtered.

Serve Cow To Save Yourself

Serve Cow To Save Yourself –

It is high time for all of us to think logically and change our attitude towards our own cows and cow conservationist culture to save ourselves from the cruel as well as dangerous demon of extreme consumerism and anti cow culture of western societies.

Chant and Be Happy

Hare Krishna Maha Mantra – Chant and Be Happy

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