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Project Cow Protection

DS Sri with Ghanshyam Das ji

With the gress of GO MATA, We express our extreme delight in announcing the establishment of Go Kripa Anusandhan Kendra in Jasdan; Gujarat by Go Kripa Products which has always dream and endeavored ardently to serve the cows of Indian origin with all its capacity and ability. By the grace of lord Krishna this dream has finally materialized in the form of establishment of Go Kripa Panchagavya Research and Development Foundation. In this pursuit Gomata Seva Trust was registered in Anklav in 2009.


Cow Protection India

Ghanshyam Das at Go Seva Jasdan

The Indian breed were surveyed extensively by us in this region and from there we reached Jasdan located in Saurashtra region of Gujarat where we learned that among the indigenous cow’s breed; Gir breed is considered to the best breed with regard to milk production, climate tolerance and giving birth to sturdy bulls, fit for ploughing crop field.

Then we came to know about the princely state of Jasdan; Gujarat that has been maintaining its own Go-Shala since ages according to vedic principles under the king Sri Satyajitkumar Shivrajkumar Khachar. When we came in contact with Sri Darbar Saheb and presented our noble desire to serve the cows in September 2010, he fully supported us and suggested us to make the cows self reliant for this huge project to be successful in the long run.


Gir Cow Jasdan

Gir Cow at Goshala Shivraj Vadi Jasdan

This was a big challenge as the question of maintain the traditional glories of the mother cow and simultaneously making them value added in a pursuit to make them self reliant demanded extensive research and possibilities of many solutions. Also the aim was to conserve the cows and save them from incessant slaughtering.

This led to the production of highly useful Panchagavya based medicines ( Pnahchagavya Products ) and other cosmetic products that would enhance the glories of Go- mata amongst the societies across the globe. The successful treatment of dreadful human diseases like Cancer, TB, AIDS etc by Pnachagavya requires no further endorsement by medical professionals as they too now acknowledge the medicinal aspects of Go Mutra, Gomaya, Go Dugdha, Go Grith.

Hence the journey from mere dream to serve the cows materailed first as Go- kripa Product and now the establishment of Go Kripa Anusnadhan Kendra in Jasdan. This all was possible due to grace of Go mata and the Go lovers across the world.

New Working Area at JASDAN We Found …

Aprox 4000+ Yards Of Land

Building Area 3000 sq ft. for Pharmacy Purpose

Land allotted for

  • Panchagavya Aushadh Vatika
  • GIR Cow GoShala
  • Cowpathy Research & Development

This research center will be established in 1 acres of land which will support the maintenance of thousands of indigenous breed of cows and will help in commercial production of panchagavya medicines.


• Later we aspire to build a Panchagavya Aushad Vatika the medicine center.
• Establishing of cancer hospital and guest house in the vicinity of Go Shala where treatment will be based on Cowpathy ( Panchagavya Chikitsa.)
• Create employment opportunities for the local inhabitants of Jasdan.


We are thankful to
Gau Bhakt DS Sri Satyakumar Shivrajkumar Khachar (State Saheb Sri JASDAN)

  • All Team Members – GoKripa Products – JASDAN
  • Both our (Team Member) Panchagavya Chikitsak 
  • Both Ayurvedic Doctors (Team Member)

Our All Gaubhaktas from Bharat and All around from the world.
All Ayurvedacharyas & Medical Practitioners,
All Ayurvedic Pharmacy who use our Gau Ghrit, Gau Mutra with Medicinal Properties
All the Temples who are helping us to grow this project “Serve Mother Cow” with buying regularly Panchagavya Products
Our Most Valuable Buyers (Gau Bhaktas)
Dealers, Distributors and retail associates
Our Manufacturing Associates
Our Associated Laboratories
Our Media Partners, Printers, Web Developers and Promotion Team

– Hare Krishna

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