ACIDITY Cause and cure

What is Acidity, how to control and how it is caused

Natural Methods to cure Acidity

Many diseases are our own callings, i.e, we invite them ourselves by our faulty lifestyles. In medical terminology acidity is termed as ‘ gastrophysial reflex disease’. Ayurveda terms it as ‘Amla pitta’. Every second person today suffers from this problem. Acidity hampers the body’s digestive process.



According to the modern science, for proper digestion of food in the stomach, hydrochloric acid and pepsin is secreted. Normally this gastric juice containing HCl and Pepsin remains in the stomach and do not come in contact with the food pipe, oesophagus. This is because of special sphincter muscles present at the junction of oesophagus and stomach which specialized to prevent regurgitation of food in the food pipe. But in abnormal condition these muscles fails to close the passage between the stomach and food pipe. This leads to regurgitation of gastric juice containing HCl in the food pipe causing ulcers and inflammation of the oesophagus. Sedentary lifestyles, improper diet, caffeinated drinks, pollution and alcohol are the main cause of Acidity.
Symptoms of Acidity.
Acidity is characterized by irritation in chest. Headache and chest pain after the meals, coming of sour water in the mouth. Due to indigestion, anxiety and burping is often experienced. This may cause irritation in the throat as well.



1: Eat jagarrey after every meal. One must keep it in the mouth for long and chew it properly.

2: Boil some fennel seeds in a cup full of water. Keep it covered overnight and filter the solution in the morning. Mix and teaspoon of honey in it and take a little of this concoction after every meal.
3: In a glass of warm water take a pinch of pepper powder, and juice one lemon every morning. Include radish in your salad. Sprinkling black salt over your salad will be an added advantage.
4: Powder a clove and cinnamon, and take it after every meal as a mouth freshener and as a remedy for acidity.


Cow Ghee

5: Pure Cow Ghee from desi (Indian Breed) works best to cure from acidity and prevent.


1.Take your meals on time and take long walk after meals.
2.Include fresh fruits, vegetables, soup, boiled vegetables and sprouts in your meals as these are rich in vitamins B and E which will cleanse the body of acidity.
3.Always chew the food properly and eat less than required. Avoid taking oily and spicy meals.
4. Include curd and butter milk in your daily diet.
5. Avoid alcohol and non vegetarian food as much as possible.
6. Drink lots of water. Its the best de- toxifier and helps in digestion.
7.Do not take water just after your meal but after at least half an hour after the meal.
8. Take pineapple juice to ease anxiety and heaviness of body after meals. It is rich in digestive enzymes which aid in digestion.
9.Taking sour Amla is very good home remedy to get relief from acidity.
10. To get quick relief from gastric trouble take 2 spoon of Amla juice or Amla powder with Misri powder with water.


Important :

@ Only Indigenous breed of Cow’s Ghee (Clarified Butter) can cure acidity natural way.

Pachanamrit : Acidity Cure with Digestive Aid for Stomach Problems


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