Cow Dung – A Gold Mine

One of the few nectars of this world is water, another is milk and the third one is cattle dung. With onset of what we call “modern civilization”, we have been despising a few things and one of these is cattle dung. This is so because we have forgotten that the basis of our progress as a race depends on the optimal use of our resources, an important resource base being bovine dung.

If a choice before mankind were put in crystal clear terms as to whether it chooses cattle dung or desertification of the earth.

If we accept the concept that dung is the nucleus of our prosperity and has no substitute, the following will follow:

  • – Fertilizer will be cheaply available to us.
  • – Food grains can be produced and made available at reasonable rates.
  • – Our soil will retain its fertility.
  • – Cheap fuel will be available to the masses.
  • – Cheap housing can be provided in the rural areas.
  • – Our ancient system of medicine i.e. Ayurveda cannot subsist in the absence of dung and the absence of dung has put in peril the health in particular of our women.

IAs a result of disruption in the availability of dung, we have suffered on many fronts, like:

1. Food grains have become costly and without the required nutritional value.

2. Loss of soil fertility.

3. Diminished opportunity to practice several vocations for both Hindu and Muslim population.

4. The health of crores of women in the country at peril

5. Our religious rights snatched away.

6. Ayurveda, our ancient system of medicine has suffered a severe blow

7. Fuel has become scarce and costlier.

8. Ash of dung very valuable to us is not available now.

9. The flow of passing on lessons of rich experience from one generation

to the other has stopped.

10. Our forests are gradually being destroyed.

11. Many social evils like addiction to liquor have become widespread.

12. An acute scarcity of residenti.

Dung is such a invaluable commodity, that not a single individual of the country can remain immune from the effects of its scarcity, whether such a person is very affluent or poor, whether he is Hindu, Muslim, Parsi or Christian. The scarcity of dung is eating away universally everyone without any distinction. Dung economy was the most scientific economic system evolved by the great Aryan race. Unless we accept this, our future will become more and more dark. We urgently need our dung culture and its restoration to the predominant place where it belongs. This is not possible unless a total ban on animal slaughter is imposed. But unfortunately, the government of our country is bent on converting the cultured and civilized population of this great nation, into herds of wild human beings.


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