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Importance of cow dung in maintaining herbs, forest and Ayruvedic medicines.

Importance of cow dung in maintaining herbs, forest and Ayruvedic medicines. In earlier times cows were taken to the forest or GOCHARS (reserved areas for feeding of cows). There they roamed freely eating the grass and natural herbs which made their milk nutritious and added medical qualities to their milk, in turn they made the soil fertile with their dung which supported and maintained the forests. But in modern time with non availability of dung, forests get destroyed and with the destruction of forests, many ayurvedic herbal medicines have also became either extinct or scarce. Unfortunately the poor Indian population is unable to afford to get treated with the costly Bhasma (oxides of various minerals like Gold, Copper, pearls etc.) and with the medicines under Allopathic system. Consequently people in poor Indian villages, carry on with illness for life, without any treatment. Herbal medicines are the basis of Ayurvedic system […]

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Cow Dung – A Gold Mine

One of the few nectars of this world is water, another is milk and the third one is cattle dung. With onset of what we call “modern civilization”, we have been despising a few things and one of these is cattle dung. This is so because we have forgotten that the basis of our progress as a race depends on the optimal use of our resources, an important resource base being bovine dung. If a choice before mankind were put in crystal clear terms as to whether it chooses cattle dung or desertification of the earth. If we accept the concept that dung is the nucleus of our prosperity and has no substitute, the following will follow: – Fertilizer will be cheaply available to us. – Food grains can be produced and made available at reasonable rates. – Our soil will retain its fertility. – Cheap fuel will be available […]

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