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Glories of Cow Dung Ash

Cow dung ash as a water purifier Do you know cow dung ash can be used for purifying water. Purifying water is a serious issue. Generally either we add chlorine or some other chemical or we boil the water in the. Adding chlorine etc has its own defects and side effects. However cow dung ash is an excellent water purifier. All harmful bacteria are killed just by adding a pinch or two of cow dung ash in few liters of water. We have to use cow dung ash that comes from vedic cows only. This option of adding cow dung ash is so cheap that anyone can afford it. It has absolutely no side effects. Water purified using the cow dung ash is so much cheaper than bottled water which uses costly methods and machines to be purified and packed. At the same time these radiations in ultra violet water […]

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The invaluable dung ash If I claim that cow dung ash is so precious that it can save us from international debt slavery; would you believe me? But the fact is it may not be possible to assign any price in monetary terms to the ash which is left over after cooking on the dung cakes. Allow me to enumerate various uses of cow dung ash that has been part and parcel of Indian culture. Preservation of food grains In olden days, the kings used to preserve jowar for their subjects for use during drought year. For preserving jowar to last for years, ash of equal weight was mixed with jowar, and it then could be stored in this way for 12 years without any damage. Even in normal; course people could store food grains for 2 to 3 years in their storage tanks made of clay in each household, […]

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The last description gave details of how modern toothpaste are dangerously harmful not only; to our teeth but to the general health as well. Let’s take a look at the ancient methods of maintain dental health and its benefits in today’s era too if followed sincerely. In olden days people used DAATUN (TWIGS OF NEEM, BABUL, KARONJI TREES) to brush teeth. Yes, to brush the teeth, if that surprises you a bit. The teeth of this generation people remained healthy, cavity free and perfect even at a ripe of 70 years. These people could eat sugarcane without having difficulty while peeling it with their teeth. DAATUN was an excellent toothbrush which could be disposed off after each use and what more; being natural; it was biodegradable and thus safe for environment unlike the modern toothpaste which contains non biodegradable chemicals that pollutes the environment. Tooth paste requires the use of […]

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