Tulsi (Holy Basil) – Such Important

Why Plant The Holy Basil In Your House Essentially?


Holy Basil (Tulsi)

The numerous of benefits of basil are known even to the scientific world. Of the several types found in nature, the main varieties are Raam Tulsi, Van Tuulsi, Bhu Tulsi, Gyan Tulsi etc. all these varieites have their own unique medical properties and qualities. In fact the Tulsi plant has the capability to remove VASTU DOSHA from your house and office.

1) To remove the Vastu Dosha or architectural shortcoming of building one can place the Tulsi plant in an corner from South-East to North- West corner of the building.

2) If one places the basil plant near the kitchen then the co-ordination among the family members increases.

3) The Tulsi plant kept in the window in East direction, then your children will become obedient and docile.

4) if your child is out of your control and somehow become unruly then you may daily give him 3 leaves of Tulsi Plant that has been kept in East.

5) if you are unable to get your daughter married then one must keep the C in South-East corner and regularly water it. This will ensure an early marriage of your girl with a suitable groom.

6) if your business is down then you may place the holy plant in south and offer raw milk to it every Friday to see positive results.

7) In case of bad relations with the boss then sow 16 Tulsi seeds tied in white corner in the office’s empty space. You will soon see the bad relations with the superiors start improving.

8) Tulsi has medical properties and its leaves have the capability of removing the symptoms of cold, cough and heart ailments.


It is the only plant on the face of the planet which can bring Joy and prosperity to your life.

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