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Divya kanti Valayan

Mother cow : the cow has Aura of 15/20mtrs which can keep away all kind of insect/reptlies & disease. Hence in vedic time all people kept cows in their courtyards & cleaned homes with dung & urine. Birth of cows 1) Cow was created from samudra manthann= refer Sb8 Churning the ocean Once Krsna & all cowerd boys they were thusty in the forest of Bhadirvan Krsna created a cow by name Bhaula & feed the nectrean molde to all cowerd boys ( story tiger enchanted tiger LK saved the cow) 7 mothers (quote in Sanskrit) Gau visvasya matarah : cow is the mother of the universe 2) SB if we keep cows & bulls happy then we can be happy. 3) Gau raksitah; Raksitah : If we protect cow we will be protected. 4) Rg Veda : those who look after the cows their lands remain fertile, wet; the […]

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