Divya kanti Valayan

Mother cow : the cow has Aura of 15/20mtrs which can keep away all kind of insect/reptlies & disease. Hence in vedic time all people kept cows in their courtyards & cleaned homes with dung & urine.

Birth of cows
1) Cow was created from samudra manthann= refer Sb8 Churning the ocean
Once Krsna & all cowerd boys they were thusty in the forest of Bhadirvan Krsna created a cow by name Bhaula & feed the nectrean molde to all cowerd boys ( story tiger enchanted tiger LK saved the cow)
7 mothers (quote in Sanskrit)
Gau visvasya matarah : cow is the mother of the universe
2) SB if we keep cows & bulls happy then we can be happy.
3) Gau raksitah; Raksitah : If we protect cow we will be protected.
4) Rg Veda : those who look after the cows their lands remain fertile, wet; the people will be rich & prosperous & will go to heaven after this life.
5) “Gavayo dhanvan dhanena dhanvan.” One who has cows is the richest person & one who has land is the richest person.
6) On vedic times. People kept cows with the following priorities. A) good bulls to till fields b) dung c) urine d) milk
7) The 4 legs of cows represent. 4 pillars of religion. Satya , tapasya, daya & saucha Truthfulness, Austurity,Mercy, and Cleanliness.
8) Padma purana : 33 million demigods reside in a cow, the goddesses of fortune reside in dung & Ganges resides in urine.
9) Cow milk has a special property (CLA) which stops the self degenerating disease.
10) Practicing yoga in the courtyard which is smeared with cow dung is more beneficial then in normal floor/ guard.
11) Rg Veda the demigods do not accept any offering which is not made from pure cow item such as milk, ghee & curd.
12) Go mata sarva mata : cow is mother of all.
13) Que by cow : Oh human, I give pancha gavya which is life giving after my death the skin can be used. What worthy you are?
14) By worshiping the cows the 33 millions demigods are worshiped / they became pleased all siddhis can be obtained by worshiping cows.
15) Cow is representative of bhumi (earth) Bull is representative of dharma (Religion).
16) HISTORY of India :

  • Ashok chakra has the cow emblem : the cow should not be killed.
  • 1857 the first of war of independent took place are to protest by India soldiers in which they were use teeth to open a gun kartus which was pasted with cow/hog fat.
  • Many prominent Indian leaders declared cow should not be killed : MK Gandhi, lal bahadur shastri.
  • When MK Gandhi was asked which he chose will to protect constitutes of India or cow. Gandhi chose cow as first preference

17) Visvamitra become brahmana by the grace of cow Kamadhenu.
18) Rama was born of payasam Prasadham of yajna
19) Arjuna was empowered by cows to win over kauravas while fighting for king of virata in incognito
20) SB the dust raised by the hooves of the cows in more auspicious.
21) Among the Muslim emperors & Akban, Jahangur, Sahajan, Babar never killed cows. Or recommended cow killing.
22) Mangal pandel : killed british soldiers for killing the cows in India .
23) Britishers were the first to establish the slaughter houses all over India for cow meat. To meet their army officers and soldiers.
24) Britishers started cross breeding of India cows with an intention of getting Indian cow meat, when the cow stops giving milk 3rd success are cross breeding the cow milk totally dries up.
25) Many deadly diseases can be cured by cow urine cancer, aids Bp, diabetic’s leukemia, liver cihorrices etc.
26) In the Vedic time all festivals were celebrated with cow products such as milk, curd, ghee, butter etc.(Birth of Krsna) Krsna’s arrival in Dwarakas etc.
27) Milk is the most contaminated commodity in the market today, with lot many chemicals, sedatives, additives preservatives, Harmon Steroids DDT etc no taste smell or vitamins.
28) India had more than 100 verities of deshi breed cows of which now only 36/38 are existing & more are on existension list of not protected.
29) Islam killing of bull is as good as killing a man there is nectar in milk life in ghee & disease in flesh of cow (Koran) – quote cc.
30) Christianity : Jesus Christ was born in cow barn & his mother Mary kept the baby Jesus near the cow to be purified.
31) Pls refer devi bhagat on how cows was produces.
32) Brahma in his creation first created cow
33) Aghaya : yajur Vedas = the cow is never to be harmed or killed.
34) India in the second largest meat exporters & has 36000 slaughter house each day cows were slaughtered.
35) Subject on cow & god, namo Bramane

  • Cow & history
  • Cow & Dharma
  • Cow & Food
  • Cow & Health
  • Cow & Economy
  • Cow & Integrated

36) Law of karma : one who sell a cow, buys, kills cooks, serve & eats all are responsible for the mundane of cow & will have to suffer in the hell for as many years that many hairs one that one the body of that cow (refer Book)
39) How we can save the cows/ Bulls

  • Re-allocate the grazing land for cows in all village & towns
  • Do not throw waste of veg/Fruits in polythin bags on main road or garbage bins.
  • Bring awareness to all of the sanctity of cow protection.
  • Mass awareness program on the effect of ecology, environment, health, peace prosperity, etc.
  • Stop the lorry caring cows/bulls illegally for slaughtering.
  • Naherial ban on cow protest
  • Conduct /rallies /Morchas mass education program as cow protection
  • Use bulls in transport in transport / farming etc.
  • Declare cows/ bulls to be natural animal & nor wild animals & nor wild animals (tiger)
  • Every family should at lease keep one cow, instead of keeping a impure diry stinking and unclean dog
  • Each farmer family should keep one pair of bull
  • Produce (punca gauya) medicines on large scale
  • Publish magazine / Books on importance of cows / bulls on ecology Environment.
  • Celebrate all Vedic cow festivals on large scale
  • Preach to big big leaders/ celebrities/imp person, VIPs etc.
  • Close all slaughter houses nationwide
  • dep/calf /cow/bull/goshala

Story of cows in Scripture / Purana
1) KAMAKODI : once there was a cow in a village which had gone to graze in forest. When it was returning back home in evening a tiger wanted to pounce upon it to eat it. But it told the tiger it has a half at the barn it will feed the half & return back. Some how the tiger kept faith in the cow & let it go. The cow came to the barn & fed its calf & told the cows the incident. Many cows protested & told kamakodi not to go the calf will become orphan. But the cow was truthful & true to its word. It told its calf to take shelter of all other calf & cows & went to the forest. The tiger wa waiting for the cow to come back, but by the grace of paramatma he had a change his attitude. He appreciated the truthfulness of the cow to told her to return back to the village.

2) Ther is bull in ORISSA at Bhuveneshwar , how he has become the main attraction for SB Class held once a year last 8 years he it attending the SB saptah unfailing. This year there was & big crowd to watch whether the bull will come or not this year to everyone’s surprise, It turned up as first listener for the Bhagavat saptha.

  • In china a bull was taken to a slaughter house when they were about to cut off his head. He was heavily protesting a tear were carry from its eyes. All the butcher well surprised & they gave immaturity to it’s from being killed & was sent back to a safe goshala
  • Story of dauji : Cow
    Story of govindha ji : A small boy took rupa goswami & showed the incidence.
  • Story of rawal : When cow was emptying the milk later the deities of RK were found at the spot.
  • Story of Tirupati Balaji : one divine cow use to emptymilk from her udder on a ant hill below which Lord Balaji was found.

Mother COW :
The creator of the Universe Lord Brahma, first of all created mother cow. The cow is called the mother of the universe because it gives life to all. She is the mother of Rudras, and she is the daughter fo Vasus. Sister of Aditi’s children. She is a store house of Nectar ie milk. A varities of fragrances emanates from the body of a cow.especially Guggal. The demigods derive the nectar from cow’s ghee. One who uses panca gavya no sins stay in that person’s body. It nourishes the earth by its dung and urine. The demigods accept only items made from pure cow milk & ghee.
Cows are gateway to Heaven. Cows can fulfill all desires.The pancha gavya can be used in many yajnas rituals festivals etc. Also from the pancha gavya about 100 + varieties of medicine can be made which can cure many terrible incurable diseases such as cancer, aids, bp, etc even when the cow gets old. It gives dung & urine regularly & also when dead the skin can be used for many items of leathers. No one will kill or will send his mother or father to slaughter house when they grow old & are unproductive. It is shame on the mankind who are ungrateful to mother cow who is useful throughout the life. Hence now its the high time to act upon to save the cows and bulls, to stop the disaster of a deadly war , pestilence, green house effect, earthquake or ozone layer depletion, solar ice cap melting etc. Close the slaughter houses to stop the slaughter of mankind. It’s high time for all of us now, to act on immediately stop killing cows. ‘Celebrate cow day.” No cow meat eating etc. now or never.

In the modern age the bulls is discarded & sent to slaughter house. Cow is seen from business point of view for its milk & flesh in the western world. Whereas in the Vedic time people protected cow & bull as their family members, maintained loved and cared for them. People reared cows to get good quality bulls to plow the fields to get good grains. The cow dung was second preference because it nourishes the land cow urine was third in demand for pesticides & medicine & milk was in the 4th place for curd butter and ghee. Every farmer kept cows & bulls for the domestic & field works. Bull is symbolic represention of Dharma religion (Ref SB 1). The bulls works hand in the field & give us good grain, it also pulls water for irrigation & also bulls are used for transportation purpose. Hence he is our bread earner & was considered to be as good as the father. There are many festivals in India such as Govardhan puja, etc. Dohei the cows & bulls are worshiped. In the Vedic times a person who had few cows & bulls was considered to be a rich person, & not a person who has paper money or metal gold or silver etc. Bull is the emblem of dharma the 4 legs of bull represents. Truthfulnes, austerity, mercy & cleanliness. It is high time to protect the bull & not to kill it just thinking it to be useless. A time will come soon when we will reprent for our own misdeeds and foolishness. Better late than never.

Quotes : dharmo rakshati raksitah gau rakshati raksitah ! If we protect the dharma it will protect us, similarly if we protect cows the cows will protect us in return.

“ Matanah sarva bhutanam gavati sarva sukha pradha”
Nursing mothers of all living beings, Cows are the sources of happiness & comforts
COW census in India
1940 – 500
1951 – 430
1971 – 380
2001 – 110
NB : A tremendous decline in cow population upto 80/- in just a 1991 – 200 span 50 years. If the present trend continues, only the Lord can save the so called modern civilized mankind from the Doomsday.
One horrifying example there were 65 lack (krsnakeli) cows in Andra Pradesh in 1940 now just few hundred are surviving.

Cow is called Universal mother because it transcends the barrier of caste, creed or class, it gives pancha gavya in return it does not ask for anything special.
The India national emblem chakna has a cow which represents protection of cow.

SB – 1 in a civilized culture five things are protected – cow, bramana, children, women and old people.
Point to ponder (218———-), the govt. has strict rules to protect the carnivorus animals which kill mankind, but the govt. has no strict rules to protect the herbivorus animals (cow) which gives life & happiness to humanity.

Padma Purana (Sristi khanda( 57/156-165)


  • Garuda resides in the tips of feeth
  • Saraswati devi resides in the tongue
  • In the rectum all holy places
  • Ganges in the urinary opening
  • Sages reside inskin pores( & millions Sages)
  • Yamaraj in the mouth & reas portion
  • In right hip varunas & kubera
  • In left hip Yaksas
  • Inside mouth ghandavas
  • Inside nostrils all divine snakes
  • Rear part of hoof reside heavenly danisels.
  • Laxmi devi resides in cow dung
  • In cow urine all auspicious parvati devi
  • Front and hoof all traveling demigods
  • Progenitors in speech of cows
  • In 4 udders the 4 oceans
  • One who touches a cow after bathing everyday is freed from all kind of sins. One who touches the dust raised by hoofs of cows to forehead takes bath in holy places & is freed from all sinful reactions. resides on the fore head of the cow.
    Vayu in the tail of the cow.
  • All the Vedas including their 6 angas pada & eternally reside karma reside in the Mouth of a cow
  • In the horns reside shankar & Vishnu. In the stomach resides kartikeya
  • Mahadev reside in forehead Indra reside in top of horns Bramha resides in brain
  • Asvini kamara resides in ears
  • Indra reside in top of horns Bramha re resides on the fore head of the cow.
    Vayu in the tail of the cow
  • mother earth resides in lower jaws of cow.
  • All demigoddesses reside on back of cow.
  • Mother of demigods Aditi resides in hooves
  • Lord Narayan resides behind horns.
  • The 8 Vasus reside in the teeth.
  • Varuna resides on tongue.
  • Saraswati resides in Sond/speech.
  • Yama and Yakshas reside in the cheeks.
  • Human beings reside in the forehead.
  • Forefathers reside in the thighs.
  • No sins reside in the cow
  • Wherever the cow resides is a holy place.
  • Wherever cowdrinks waterthat is a holy place.
  • Wherever cows sit down and breath nicely that place becomes pure free of all sins.
  • Ultimately, no one can completely explain all the good qualities of mother cow.


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