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Importance of gir cow ghee made from Cow Milk

Importance Of Pure Gir Cow Ghee Made From Cow’s Milk- Some Facts According To Ayurveda And Modern Scientific Research One of the most important constituent of vegetarian and satvik diet is ghee. Additionally, subtle effects of pure gir cow ghee made from cow’s milk can be depicted as given in the illustration below: Such as the ghee; made from cow’s milk is sattvik, the flow of Divine Principle is attracted to it. The ghee also creates and activates a ring of Divine Principle (mula tatva). The ghee attracts the flow of Divine consciousness (Chaitanya). Through this flow, a ring of Consciousness created and activated in the ghee. Even particles of mild Chaitanya are also created in the ghee. Chaitanya’s particles spread throughout the environment. Proportion of vibrations in the ghee made from cow’s milk: Additionally, the table below highlights the spiritual importance of ghee made from cow’s milk. People use […]

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Ayur Ghee – A Wonder Ayurvedic Remedy

Ghee – A Wonder Ayurvedic Remedy No other substance is as widely used to prepare Ayurvedic medicines as Ghee. Ghee is also cited as the best substance for preparing the body for Ayurveda’s internal detoxification (Panchakarma). One reason for this is that Ghee is given as the best remedy for diseases due to aggravated Pitta and Vata doshas. Ghee alleviates Pitta dosha by its cold, sweet properties and Vata by its oiliness. Ghee is hence recommended in autumn when Pitta’s hot nature can get aggravated after summer. || Dhee kaanthismruthikaarakam balakarm medhokaram shuddhikrudvataghnam shramanaashanam swarakaram pittapaham pushtidam ||   Cow’s Ghee has following main properties It increases intelligence. Helps in enhancing memory power. Rejuvenates the skin from inside and increases its glow. Boosts body energy Detoxifies body Normalizes vata. (Imbalance of vata causes diseases) Increases clarity of voice. Normalises pitta Nourishes the body Improves digestion and increases body fire. Increases […]

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