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Panchgavya-Description Based On Scriptures And Modern Research

| (Panchagavya Meaning) | (Panchagavya Preparation) | Panchagavya is considered to be a highly effective liquid organic manure. It has multiple functions and can effectively replace chemical fertilizers and pesticides.   Preparation (Method to prepare Cow PanchGavya)   Panchagavya can be prepared as follows:- In a wide mouthed mud vessel, put five litres of cowdung slurry, three litres of cow’s urine, two litres of cow’s milk, two litres if curd prepared from cow’s milk and one litre of cow’s ghee. Mix these ingredients thoroughly and the mouth of the vessel must be covered with a clean cloth for ensuring aeration for the fermenting unit. The vessel with contents must be placed in a shady place. The ingredients must be mixed thoroughly with hand every day in the morning and evening for 10 – 15 days. It can be stored and used for the next 30 days. Before spraying on plants, […]

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