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Benefits of Cow’s Milk

Cow’s Milk-The Nector Of Life The basis of all types of dairy products is cow’s milk. Its history dates back to 6000 to 8000 BC. Milk is considered to be a highly beneficial food as it is rich in numerous nutrients. The healing powers of cow’s milk… The following are a few vital health benefits of cow’s milk: Calcium – One of the most important mineral present in cow’s milk is calcium. This mineral is vital for bones growth and development. Calcium gets joined to phosphorus and forms calcium phosphate, which is a important element of hydroxyapatite. This helps to give strength to the bones and their proper structure. Cancer – Calcium found in cow’s milk also has several other benefits such as it protects the colon cells from the chemicals which lead to cancer. Migraine and PMS Cow’s milk calcium helps in reduction against PMS symptoms in the menstruation […]

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