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Ghee Facts and Truths

Ghee improves and increases memory, vital force, energy, beauty, Kapha and fat. It destroys Vaat, Pitta, fever and other toxic substances in human body.—CHARRAK SAMHITA CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES AND FACTS ABOUT GHEE OF DESI COW It is a general observation that modern heart specialist blame fat and ghee for cardio vascular diseases. But Ayurveda considers Ghee to be a medicine and the most ancient food in mode of goodness that removes all types of disorders and ailments of human body. It pacifies the Vaat and Pitta and balances the Kapha. It generates only the healthy fat and improves immunity. Most people believe that Ghee is a complete saturated fat but they are unfortunately not aware that the ghee has more qualities than harmful effects. Nobody can deny the truth that when poly unsaturated fats are heated they produce peroxides and other free radicals which are extremely unhealthy and the major cause […]

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