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Saga of Foolishness!

“Bharat Varsha”, also known as “Arya Vart” and now constitutionally named as “India” is pre-dominantly a country of villages. The economy of this country is mainly based on Agriculture. Agriculture and no other culture is the culture of India. The king-pin of agriculture in the country is the Cow, other-wise known as “Kamdhenu”. Perhaps no country on Earth has the special relationship with cows that India does, a relationship that is often misinterpreted in the West as Cow-worship. The Cow in Indian Culture is considered as a mother figure nurturing life. It may be hard to believe, but “Independent India” now kills more cows than ever before! Even more than enslaved India under Christian British rule, or even the ruthless Moslem emperors! It is usually said today that you cannot really be sure if there is not a tiny little bit of some cow part in the pills or medicine […]

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