Saga of Foolishness!

Bharat Varsha”, also known as “Arya Vart” and now constitutionally named as “India” is pre-dominantly a country of villages. The economy of this country is mainly based on Agriculture. Agriculture and no other culture is the culture of India. The king-pin of agriculture in the country is the Cow, other-wise known as “Kamdhenu”.

Perhaps no country on Earth has the special relationship with cows that India does, a relationship that is often misinterpreted in the West as Cow-worship. The Cow in Indian Culture is considered as a mother figure nurturing life.

It may be hard to believe, but “Independent India” now kills more cows than ever before! Even more than enslaved India under Christian British rule, or even the ruthless Moslem emperors!

It is usually said today that you cannot really be sure if there is not a tiny little bit of some cow part in the pills or medicine one is prescribed, for whatever ailment, by the westernized medical men to whom we of the middle classes go so often.

What a change India has undergone! Do we call this “Advancement”?

The story ensuing unfolds the “Saga of Foolishness” carried till today with more rampant idiotic behavior of the countrymen further boosted by the greedy politician’s rule and purposeless living of all.

The Saga unfolds :
I have come to the conclusion that people in general are “Idiots”. This “Idiotic behavior” manifolds with lack of nutrition to the brain. With best of my efforts let me try presenting the saga of foolishness carried forward from few generations.
My definition of foolishness fits you perfectly if you get elated over the following statement: India today supersedes USA as the world’s largest exporter of Beef!

This sad Saga starts when we do not understand that Cow’s milk is valued for its nutrition, Cow urine for 148 type of medical problems, Cow dung for solutions of all economical and social problems. What is despised as “Dung-economy” is the nucleus of prosperity.

The law makers in this country will never understand this as the history says they never did understand. 86 crores of non beef-eaters in the Country also will never come to consensus as the history says they never did.
As the egg and chicken story goes, there will be no intelligence to think unless there is nutrition from cows milk and unless there is intelligence to stop cow slaughter, there will be no milk to drink.

The Saga unfolds here :
1. The Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, stated in a speech given in Muzaffarpur in 1917, that 30,000 cows were slaughtered daily (1 crore 10 lakhs annually) by the British (CMMG 14, page-80)
The Number of cattle slaughtered in India during British rule to satisfy ever growing British officers was:

Year Number slaughtered
1940 47,883
1941 73,542
1942 2,22,417
1943 2,65,396
1944 1,83,974
1945 1,42,110

Indians fooled each other to get ruled by British and British opened Slaughterhouses, Red light areas and Liquor centers and looted India.
2. There was a widespread revolution to stop Cow killing.

  • Mangal Pandey shot the British Officer who ordered him to use beef coated cartridges.
  • Dayananda Saraswati organized Go-samvardhini sabhas all over India to stop Cow slaughter.
  • Deshmesh Guru Govind Singh declared that the object of his Khalsa Panth, was to protect Arya Dharma, the Cows and the Brahmins and to serve the sages and the poor. In his “Chand di Var” poem in 1812 he prayed to Mata Durga Bhawani thus:
    (Command me to eliminate the Turks and evil of Cow-slaughter from the world)
  • In 1927 Mahatma Gandhi made a statement, “I prefer to stop Cow Slaughter than achieve swaraj”.

The Anti – Cow Killing Movement was finally crushed by the British through the instigation of major riots between the fundamentalists amongst Muslims and the Hindus. The British rulers pampered the Muslims fundamentalists, in order to teach the Hindus a lesson, by resorting to mass-scale cow killings, with the Administration protecting, as well as provoking the Muslim fundamentalists.

Again Indians fooled each other, this time killed each other, where Hindus thought that it was Moslems killing the Cows while, Moslems thought that it was Hindus that are against Islam. This foolishness continued and is still continuing, while actually almost all Beef is being exported to western countries.

3. In 1944, while the British were still in power in India, restrictions were put on slaughter of cattle, on the grounds that there was huge shortage causing anxiety to the British Government. The shortage itself was attributed to the increased demand for cattle for cultivation, transport, milk, etc. One can imagine the number of Cows and Bulls that were culled for consumption and export to London if a shortage has to come in India – the land of Cows!
Once this shortage was severely felt, British Government made a rule saying that Cattle fit for Milk production, working cattle and the calf below three years should not be culled; which means there was no restriction earlier to shortage crises. They created a “Theory of Utility” philosophy and started brainwashing across the schools and colleges created by them. This theory says – “Once if the cattle is not useful, there is no harm in killing them and using for meat or leather.” This argument falls on the face of the arguer that if he/she gets old and cannot do anything useful, they can be culled!
Astonishingly Hitler the great believed strongly in this rule and had had planned to pass this rule.

Now, the foolishness by hierarchy of brainless people, was to continue this rule till today, 2007!

4. Independent India continued this Saga.
As per statistics given by Pandit Thakur Dass, during the debate in the Constituent Assembly on 24.11.1948, whereas in 1944, the number of cattle (Oxen) killed was 60,91,828, in 1945, sixty five lakhs were slaughtered, an increase of more than 4 lakhs. He further stated that the population of oxen in the country decreased by 37 lakhs in 5 years from 1940 to 1945.
The present history of India, in so far as the flood of cattle slaughter is concerned, would always remain related to this unfortunate lapse of the Constituent Assembly and its failure to agree to the inclusion of the clause in the Fundamental Rights Chapter in spite of the near-unanimous view. Mr. Syed Muhammad Saiadulla from Assam stated “In my religious book, the Holy Qoran, there is an injunction to the Muslims saying – ‘La Ikraba fid Din’, or, there ought to be no compulsion in the name of religion. I therefore do not like to use my veto when my Hindu brethren want to place this matter in our Constitution from the religious point of view.

In 1977, Dr. Ramjeet Singh got a Resolution passed in the Lok Sabha for banning cow slaughter in terms of Article 48. However, the Bill introduced by Seth Govind Das in this regard could not be passed, due to a resignation threat by Pandit Jawaharalal Nehru. He had to die a cruel and sorry death through syphilis, due to lack of nutrition to brain.

The ghost of secularism and concern for the Vote Bank of Bengali Muslims seems to over-rule even the judgements of the Supreme Court in the Writers’ Building in Kolkata even now. The tragedy is that even Mamta loses ‘Mamta’ for the cow, as is evidenced by her (Su – Sri Mamata Banarjee) interruption and, subsequent walk-out from Parliament on 25.5.96, when President Shankar Dayal Sharma, during his customary address to both Houses in Central Hall of Parliament, declared the resolve of the BJP Government, led by Atalji, to take up suitable measure “in order to ensure cow protection, and to impose a total ban on the slaughter of cows and cow progeny”. Gandhi, Vinoba, Tilak and Mahaveer must surely have wept over “Partitioned India”, slaughtered by the two-nation theory, again slaughtering the holy and pious Cow in Central Hall by such opposition.

Gandhi had desired and promised to the Nation, that when our country became free and independent, the first legislation would be to prohibit killing of cows and its progeny. This was given the go-by on the basis of the false and fictitious thinking of so-called Secular leaders

This is the greatest foolishness of all the above. Still greater saga of foolishness unfolds as you read on.

5. There was general apathy to the Commission in Kerala and only 30 to 40 persons attended the public hearing at Thiruvananthapuram. When those who were in support of total prohibition of cow slaughter were asked to raise their hands, it was found that only one person wanted partial prohibition, and all the remaining persons were against enactment of any law whatsoever. What was surprising was that 40% of the audience were ladies, who were against any law and apparently wanted “Kerala” to be “Free port Zone” Paradise for slaughter of the cow and its progeny, and a picnic spot for “Beef” eaters. The Commission learnt to its surprise that most of the people present, were actually employees of the Animal Husbandry Department of Kerala. Kerala is now “Demon’s own country”.

An estimated One crore thirty seven lakh eighty seven thousand cattle, out of over 21 crore cattle, were slaughtered in India in 1998. This figure has doubled now in 2007.

And brains of the lawmakers suffering from malnutrition have announced that “There will be a subsidy upto 1 crore without interest, to those who want to open Slaughterhouses”. The goal of the present Government is to generate the double the amount of Beef production!

Here is the Export of beef to other countries:

Countries 1993 1994 1995 1996-97
Malaysia 38,438 40,000 45,000 57,000
U.A.E. 22,962 25,000 35,000 35,100
Jordan 10,421 15,000 15,000 2,200
Yemen 5,869 6,000 6,500 300
Oman 5,538 6,000 6,000 6,700
Kuwait 4,911 5,000 5,000 3,800
Mauritius 3,843 4,000 4,000 3,800
Singapore 3,265 3,000 3,000 200
Bahrain 2,128 2,000 2,000 2,000
Philippines 1,254 1,500 1,500 25,300
Iran 1,077 1,000 1,000 7,700
Qatar 438 500 500 550
Brunei 229 000 000 225
Others 1,627 1,500 1,500 500
Total 102,000 110,000 120,000 143,575

There are about 3000 (Registered only) slaughter houses functioning in the country. Now, with the present policy it occurs that the number will be doubled.

To further display the strength of foolishness, Mr Laloo Yadav, Railway Minister allowed the transport of cattle in railway bogies. It, in practical terms, means extending support to the cattle mafia that takes these cows to Bangladesh for slaughtering!
This explains that although Bangladesh has thin cattle population of its own, it exports of beef runs into lakhs of tones!

That the thinking – “Whether to ban cow-slaughter is a highly volatile communo-political question” is another manifestation of the symptom of malnutrition to brain.

Some demons like the founder of “Shetkari Sanghatan” can go the extent of openly commenting “a worldwide survey reveals a close co-relation between the zebu and poverty. The world’s mass poverty countries — India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya — happen to be where this zebu is found. The connection is understandable.”

What can I say, though time and again it has been proved, re-proved about the importance of Cows- Cow’s milk, Cow urine, Cow dung until it lives and after it dies its natural death, its hide and horns, everything is beneficial till its last moment of death. With lack of support of few left intellectuals whose brains are nourished properly, I very sadly note that, people in general have severely failed to understand that Cow dung alone can solve all the economic problems of the country!

I don’t want to elaborate on this since everything is all already said. Just search on Internet or get in touch with few nourished brains about the importance of Cow.

Solution and Conclusion :
Revolution : Solution. To pierce the brains with some discrimination and intelligence, it takes no more than a Revolution. A revolution cannot be done by each one alone. Revolution is done by collective people.

We are already having quite a lot with us being a part of this revolution. I am a tiny part of them too. Now, all you like minded and intelligent souls can just support in whatever way you can. Support does not mean only Money. You may not give us any money. But start using Cow products and see the great difference in life, understand and also make others understand what is “Simple living – High thinking”, etc.

The actual solution is therefore a revolution in the heart of everybody. This revolution is change of heart. Unless we become God Conscious, it is assured this change of heart will never come forth. And unless we create a community of such like minded souls we can never think of creating a revolution.

Now, there are already leaders who are working on creating self sustainable communities, we just have to support, again, in whatever way we can.

If you think, you still need time to think on the support, please know that, every second there are thousands of Cows being culled in the Land of Bharath Varsha!


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