What Makes The Panchgavya Important for Medical Science?

Panchgavya is concocted by mixing Cow’s milk, Curd, Ghee, Urine and Dung together. Every ingredient of Panchgavya has immense medicinal value. Of these ingredients Cow’s milk is of foremost valuable as it makes complete balanced and nutritious diet. It is considered to have nectarine qualities. It is sweet, cold, destroyers of vatta, pitta, and blood imperfections in constitutions. Even the curd prepared from cow’s milk is full of vital potentiality.


Importance Panchgavya In Medical Science

Importance Panchgavya In Medical Science



The butter milk made from this curd is easy to digest and destroys the bilious reaction. Cow’s ghee (the clarified butter) is especially significant as it is beneficial for eyes and increases the vital force by imparting physical strength. Go-mutra is known for its efficiency in curing liver disorder.

The chemical analysis of go-mutra reveals that it jas potassium, magnesium, calcium, urea, ammonia, chloride, creatinine, water and phosphate along with other constituents. Gau-mutra destroys kappha, pain in tumors, ailments of stomach, eyes, urinary tract and respiratory tract, liver most effectively and completely.

It has the ability to cure chronic diseases and disorders. Cow dung has been used in India since vedic ages for purification purposes. It removes obnoxious smell and is full of nutritional values.

The various herbs that are grazed by the cow make the dung pure and destroyer of disease. This is why it is a treasure of medical values and beneficial in Panchgavya medical practice.

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