Vaat Prakruti

Vata Prakruti

vaat dosha

identify vaat prakriti dosha

Sky is inactive and Air is active. That’s why to understand the Vaat easily we need to understand five attributes of Air. Followings are five attributes of Air:-

  1. Motion
  2. Dryness
  3. Cold
  4. Infiltration
  5. Change


> Motion:-

  • Air is moveable and Vaat is also Moveable.
  • Any motion (Gati) in human body is because of Vaat. E.g. Breathing, Heart Beats, Movement of Hands and Legs, Speaking, Food Movement etc.
  • But as you know uncontrolled air becomes windstorm same way uncontrolled air in body give birth of lots of diseases.
  •  Motion related all diseased happened due to imbalanced Vaat. Like Joints Pain, Paralysis, Asthama, Parkinson etc…
  • So you know why elders are saying that it’s very dangerous to sleep under very fast fan, ride two wheeler  without helmet and so on.


> Dryness:-

  • Air is dry that’s why clothes to be dried in open air.
  • Vaat mainly located in big intestine. When food digest and goes to big intestine in form of fluid but big intestine absorb watery content. But Vaat will be imbalanced and watery content reduce more and stool got dry and body will suffer from constipation.
  • Due to imbalanced Vaat, skin gets dry. And lots of skin diseases will arise.
  • Imbalanced Vaat reach to joints and absorb fluid. That is the reason of stiffness of joints.
  • When imbalanced Vaat reach to arteries then arteries wall become so stiff and high blood pressure problem will be arise. Blood cholesterol stick on arteries and chances of Heart disease get higher.
  • Due to more Vaat day by day person get thinner.


> Cold:-

  • Air and Vaat both are cold.
  • Mild cold air will give good feeling but highest cooling will be stiff the human body.
  • Appropriate cold will increase productivity of Human. But when hands and legs will become cold its giving warning of illness.
  • You can understand why Cold Water, Cold Drinks and AC will imbalanced Vaat in human body.


> Infiltration:-

  • Once we are drinking water from bottle air enter in the bottle. Due to increase in Vaat body moisture gets dried. And in place of moisture Air fill up in the body. That’s why person get increase in weight.


> Change:-

After any change in daily routine of the person Vaat get increased. Like at sleeping time, after eating, taking bath etc…




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