GoSeva Gomaya Aasana

Description of Gomaya Aasana:

GoSeva Gomaya Aasana are made up from Cowdung of Indigenous Cow mother

Purpose of GoSeva Gomaya Aasana:

GoSeva Gomaya Aasana is not only used for sitting or for worshipping and meditation purposes, instead, it is one of the best aasana’s for Naturopathy treatment, which is very useful for us in its entirety nowadays.

“Gomaya” means that the powder made up from our Indian Cow’s dung which reflects our Indian culture properly.

What is the religious and Scientific significance :

The study of Puranas shows that “Gaumaya Vaste Laxmi” means that Lakshmi resided in cow dung, people’s says….if Lakshmi mantra is chanted while sitting on gomaya aasana, then goddess Lakshmi blesses with her special grace, this mythological history has now been scientifically confirmed by which it has been found that such cow dung contains such There are many useful substances by which positive waves are generated, these waves transmit energy in the body, this energy through positive ion blood cells calms the whole body, mind and brain and also protects it from various diseases.
The study of Puranas shows that “Gaumaya Vaste Lakshmi” means that Lakshmi resided in cow’s dung, this mythological evidences of history has now been scientifically confirmed by which it has been found that cow dung contains such different types of many useful substances by which positive waves are generated and these waves transmit energy in the body, this energy through positive ion flows in the blood cells and calms the whole body, mind and also protects our body from various ailments and diseases.

Why do we use gomaya aasana at the time of meditation:

It fills the mind with calmness and coolness, not only this, continuous use of sometime, the person can also become completely healthy.

There is no better way to meditate than GoSeva Gomaya Aasana
By sitting only on the Gomaya aasana, you can develop all rounds.
The GoSeva Gomaya Aasana does not allow negativity to flow inside the body and our body remains energetic throughout the day and prevents diseases like depression, anxiety and diseases related to blood pressure, skin ailments and stomach.

Is this skin friendly or eco friendly :

GoSeva Gomaya Aasana is made from pure indigenous cow dung and, it is the best sitting posture for worship.
Its top cover is made of 100% cotton which is completely skin friendly and Eco friendly
This Aasana can cool the body during summer and for winter time gives warmth, yes, this is the specialty of GoSeva Gomaya Aasana.

Who can use GoSeva Gomaya Aasana ?

Due to being hundred percent purity, it can be used by any age man, woman, even small or big children. Anyone can use it anywhere

Where can we use?

You can use GoSeva Gomaya Aasana anywhere, for meditation and on the car seat, on the office chair, on the sofa’s, above your bed sheet, etc. everywhere.

So imagine if these GoSeva Gomaya Aasana’s are used everywhere in our homes, temples, then our body, mind, brain will remain healthy and positive and life will become more happy.

Useful GoSeva Gomaya Aasana For Naturopathy Treatment

Sitting for a long time is very effective for good health. That is why Gomaya Aasana, which is an excellent yoga asana, should be included in our morning walking and Yoga practice regime.

What are GoSeva Gomaya Aasana?

GoSeva Gomaya Aasana is a series of 8 postures that includes hip-opening poses, practiced in the corner of a room. The poses stimulate and benefit your spine, pelvis and back and your digestive and reproductive systems.

Why is it used for Naturopathy treatment?

GoSeva Gomaya Aasana is an effective natural medicine used in naturopathy treatment. It is believed to be beneficial for the health of the patient, and is known for its ability to offer relief from various ailments. Gomaya aasana works by improving the immunity of the body, and by strengthening various organs in the body.

Uses of GoSeva Gomaya Aasana

GoSeva Gomaya Aasana is a yogic posture, which helps to keep the body warm. This asana is often recommended for people living in cold regions because it not only keeps them warm but also provides them with necessary strength. It is helpful for those who suffer from fatigue and coldness in their joints.

Benefits of GoSeva Gomaya Aasana

1.How can we say thatGoSeva Gomaya Aasana is best for skin diseases ?
As we know that gomaya is a good exfoliating properties. Regular usage of this can cure many skin ailments from eczema to gangrene. This is due to the fact that herbs eaten by a cow and this medicinal properties remain in the dung. Hence sitting on aasana creates such.

  1. How can we use GoSeva Gomaya Aasana as Natural Disinfectant ?

Coating of gomaya protects body from anti fungal and anti microbial infections. It keeps away insects and mosquitoes which by using regularly makes a invisible protective sheath alround the practitioner. That’s why GoSeva Gomaya Aasana helps to positive effects on body

  1. How can gomaya aasana makes feel happy?

By the Regular use of GoSeva Gomaya Aasana makes easy to secrete relaxing and happiness hormones which automatically Enhances the mood.
According to Ayurvedic practitioners, gomaya contains bacteria called as Mycobacterium caviar which is responsible for activating neurons that produces Serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitters that contributes to making a person feel happy. Which ultimately helps to give positivity. Whenever we sit on aasana it reflects a positive ions and they transmits all over the body and gives positivity.

  1. Can we use GoSeva Gomaya Aasana to reduces harmful radiation ?

Gomaya is high in organic materials and rich in nutrients. Which helps gomaya to reduce the effects of Radiation which can be harmful to the body especially weakens memory section of brain and increases dysfunction of brain.

  1. Can we use these GoSeva Gomaya Aasana for Accupressure therapies?

Ofcourse, very fine granules of GoSeva Gomaya Aasana gives soft pressure on body which regulates the blood circulation and slowly removes fine blockages.

  1. How GoSeva Gomaya Aasana helpful for enhancing Beauty?

Regular sitting on GoSeva Gomaya Aasana an invisible positive ions circulate inside the body which makes easy to remove toxins from the body and cleanse the blood, helps to enhance beauty and complexion of the skin.

Thus, Gomaya Aasana having alaround effects on the humans. Not only therapeutic even on spiritual growth.


Gomaya aasana is considered to be a complete remedy for many disorders. It is a miracle treatment in the form of postures which can heal any disease. If you are suffering from any disease or disorder, please visit our blog to know more about this amazing remedial measure.