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PANCHGAVYA FOR SPIRITUAL SCIENCE The Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Krishna advises go-rakshya, which means cow protection in His instructions of Bhagavad gitä Cows are dear to Lord Krishna. That is why Krishna is also called Gopal that is savior of the cows. One of the ideal methods to protect the cows is to inculcate the usage of Panchgavya in our lives. Cow protection brings happiness and perfection in life. Cow slaughter is the only reason of wide spread terrorism. Cow protection and Panchgavya usage is the perfect way to give some relief to this world by following the path of serving humanity shown by God. Because of innumerable benefits of cow products i.e. the milk, curds, ghee and even the urine and dung which has medical, agricultural and industrial application the whole humanity is benefited. Usage of Cow Panch-gavya products is the simpler and Practical approach to serve the […]

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