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Ban Cow Slaughter To Save Economy

The first slaughterhouse in India was started in 1760, with a capacity to kill 30,000 animals per day. At least one crore cows were killed in a year. Once the cows were slaughtered, then there was no manure and there is no insecticide like cow urine. In 1740 in the Arcot District of Tamil Nadu, 54 Quintals of rice was harvested from one acre of land using simple manure and pesticides like cow urine and cow dung. As a result of the 350 slaughterhouses which worked day and night by 1910 India was practically bereft of gau. India had to approach Britain’s doorstep for industrial manure. Thus industrial manure like urea and phosphate made way to India. The tragedy of the situation is since 1947 the number of slaughterhouses has increased from 350 to 36,000. The slaughter of cows has disrupted agranian based Indian economy and forced the people to […]

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