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What Is Pure Ghee – Why Pure Desi Gir Cow Ghee Become Costlier

Pure Gir Cow Ghee and Costing FADS Who doesn’t know the benefit of pure ghee of gir cow of indigenous breed? This ghee besides being an essential ingredient of vegetarian diet is also a vitamin, and fat supplier. The modern research has proven facts that Clarified butter obtained from indigenous breeds of cow’s milk is more than healthy. If prepared by Vedic process the gir cow ghee becomes spiritually energized with positive energy, thus establishing total physical, mental and spiritual harmony. VEDIC PROCEDURE OF PREPARING GHEE However the procedure involved in preparation of Vedic ghee is quite tedious and consumes time as well as manual labour. First of all the milk is curdled into thick yogurt. This Curd is then hand churned in clay pots using wooden churner while reciting of Vedic mantra such as Hare Krishna Mantra. Then the butter so obtained is heated in iron vessel to get […]

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