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KamalNayan Bajaj Award 2015 to Go Kripa Products

Lt. KamalNayan Bajaj Award 2015 to Go Kripa Products It is since 2008 “GoSeva” – Go Kripa Products have been admired and being praised by our valued customers. So many religious saints and practioners are the regular users of our Gau Products. A new feather has been added in our cap. Recently on 17th April 2015 at PUNE, we were awarded with Lt. Kamalnayan Bajaj award for best quality Go Products, specifically our Gopika Soap. In an assembly of almost 2000 people from various fields, in the presence of Maharashtra State Minister Sri Girish ji Bapat, Ghanshyam Das {SHAMJI VARCHAND} received this award from the hand of MLA Sri Yogesh Tilekar from Katraj. We were also praised for our significant contribution for protection of cows. gavai pasyamyaham nityam gavah pasyantu mam sada gavo smakam vayam tasam yato gavastato vayam “May i always see the COW and may the COW always see me. […]

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