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Milk Proteins and Human Health: Difference Cow Type A1/A2 milk

Benefits from Milk of Gir Cows Cow’s milk has long been used as a source of high quality proteins around the globe especially in India, whose culture, economy and religious aspects are closely related to rearing and maintaining the cows in each household. Comparative study of Milk of Indigenous and Exotic breed Recently a close relation has been worked out by global scientists between the consumption of cow-milk proteins and risk of suffering from certain incurable human diseases. This particular study reveals that beta casein the major milk protein has two variant forms, type A1 and type A2. Whereas Type A1 casein is predominant in foreign breeds of cows such as Holistien, Jersy and other European breeds, the Type A1 Casein is predominant feature of Indigenous cow breed such as Gir breed. Scientists over the world are convinced that The Indigenous breeds are genuine while the exotic breeds have certain […]

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