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Importance Cow in Vedas and Puranas

Importance Cow in Hindu Vedas and Puranas Even the gods hope to the cow. She contains the divinity of all the Gods. A pious day begins with her praise. She has popularity in various spiritual celebrations. Sankranti and Deepavali are exclusively cow relevant celebrations. Cow items are important in different spiritual traditions. Thus, cow is important aspect of our lifestyle. Important Slokas for Cow as per Vedas Cows in Rik Samhita यः पौरुषेण क्रविषा समंक्ते यो अश्वेन पशुना यातुधानः । ये अघ्न्याये भरति क्षीरमग्ने तेषां शीर्षाणि हरसापि वृश्चः ॥ (Rik Samhita 87 – 161) Oh fire god, with your flames burn the heads of those demons who eat the meat of humans, animals like horse and cow, and those who steal cows’ milk. प्रजापतिर्मह्यमेता रराणो विश्वैर्देवैः पितृभिः संविदानः । शिवाः सतीरुप नो गोष्ठमाकस्तासां वयं प्रजया संसदेम ॥ (Rik Samhita 10 – 169 – 4) May the supreme Lord, complemented by […]

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