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FLATULENCE called Adyamaan in Ayurveda. Flatulence is defined as acute urge to pass wind. It is the intestinal gas, more commonly called stomach gas, not only cause discomfort and gas pain but are embarrassing too. Although gas problems like bloating, burping and passing gas are natural, they might become serious and affect our daily activities, but its severity can sometimes lead to diseased condition. Following is the intestinal gas treatment or for avoiding bloating, flatulence and belching. A person suffering from Adyamaan or intestinal gas formation should adopt required dietary changes and other measures including medications if necessary. Causes of Flatulence in Ayurveda According to Ayurveda Flatulence is caused by abnormal Agni or fire caused by prajgya apradh, asatmyendriyartha samayog, kaal parinaam. These can be defines as distortion in persons intelligence, wrong co-ordination of sense organs and other objects and vagaries of weather and time respectively. Dilation of abdomen can […]

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