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Ayurvedic Panchagavya is the Answer – How to cure Cancer

  The most dangerous disease of any millennium is cancer. It can be called as the killer disease. The third stage of cancer is practically impossible to treat and whatever allopathic treatment is available ( Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy) are full of side effects with possibly no guarantee of cure. However there is still hope as far as Ayurveda is concerned. Ayurvedic cow Panchagavya is the Answer – How to cure Cancer.         |||Cancer: – Causes and symptoms||| Cancer is caused by improper usage of ‘indriyas’ or senses in carrying out day to day activities (Improper karmas-deeds). The cell division– Improper division of cells, due to carcinogenic substances, also causes cancer. Foods – Improper eating habits can produce cancer. Tobacco – Smoking either direct or indirect, can cause cancer, chewing of tobacco etc. are known to be carcinogenic. Alcohol – Consumption of alcohol in abnormal quantities, is known […]

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