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Mother And Child Care Benefits Of Cow Dung

For centuries, experienced midwives have been using oil massage and fomentation on fire lit with cow dung cakes to supervise and provide necessary care as per the principles of Ayurveda to women in village’s time of childbirth. The midwives used to massage the woman and new born child for 40 days after delivery, with the help of oil and slow fomentation, with the help of heated dung cakes. However, now the dung cakes have become almost unavailable and thus health of 12 crore women has come into peril.The female population of our villages need utmost care at the time of giving birth to a child and immediately thereafter. Oil also is very costly and hence, poor women are unable to buy it. And thus, lakhs of Hindu and Muslim midwives have lost their centuries old, ancestral and at the same time, very useful profession. Thus, on one hand, conventional and […]

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